Business English Course

Our Business English curriculum has been specially developed for use in our Business English courses. The Business English Course curriculum includes course topics such as Intercultural Concepts, Business English Vocabulary, Special Area Vocabulary, Words and Phrases for Business Letters and Activities for Business Email. In addition to strengthening your English language skills, our lessons help you achieve English language competency.


After completing this course you will learn about different writing styles and the importance of the audience. You will be aware of the triggers for writing. You will gain a good knowledge of descriptive, mystery, instructional, opinionative, poetic and reflective writing. This course will enable you to write effectively based on your target audience.

English Course Intensive


  • Experienced working people who are looking to improve their language skills for business purposes.

  • Who aim to enter the business world and would like an introduction through English language lessons.

  • Businessmen or women who have a specific trip to an English speaking country in mind and who wish to hone their language skills.

  • Perfect your Business English with experienced, practice Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening in a wide variety of simulated business situations.

Your organization can choose the course that will help you troubleshoot and develop for your personnel by our course as below:

  1. Business English Course Writing

  2. Business English Course Speaking

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