Training on August 25th - 26th, 2016

Today, many organizations have many problems in regard to working together. To participate as a team which will lead your team to success comes from providing managers and supervisors literally, but managing people require a completely different skill set than managing tasks. Transition from being an individual contributor to someone responsible for the work of others and team performance results in a steep learning curve. Learn how to motivate, delegate, communicate and lead. Play to your strengths and improve on key weakness areas. With an emphasis on building high achieving teams, dealing with an increased workload and developing the influence, assertiveness and confidence necessary to be an effective manager or supervisor – this course will ensure you hit the ground running.

Coaching Employee Engagement


Workshop programme for leaders and managers that has been specifically designed to incorporate each of the areas of employee engagement and give the skills needed to create engagement. Employee Engagement Surveys cover a broad range of topics including:

  • Feedback

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Opportunities for growth

  • Work–life balance

  • Fairness

  • Respect for management

  • Respect for employees

  • Performance & accountability

  • Personal expression/diversity


  • Organizations wanting to increase performance and employee engagement

  • Leaders wanting to create engagement in their teams

  • Managers wanting to create engagement in their teams


  • To achieve Company performance & goal is the significant target of all parts and company’s team. The world economy are changed from time to time, will impact to our business and company’s performance therefore the understanding of organization status will be the management way/ guideline to manage and improve organization and department to achieve company goal in future.

  • Teamwork are the important factor of company’s success. The difference behavior of the staff might affect to performance. Each are difference behave which are difference cause/factor. Therefore the understanding of working’s behave will be the management method.

  • Conclusion

  1. Strength & weakness and organization

  2. Strength & weakness and of teamwork

  • Leader of Organization are the principle role to lead the achievement therefore the understanding of Leadership Attribute will be the management tool which will lead the team with cooperation to achieve Company Goal. Leader take responsibility for nurturing of the biggest asset “Your staff” the relationship in work place and the maintain are the significant of company to drive performance Goal.

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