Conference on September 15th - 16th, 2016

In building a successful human resource function, it is important to have a good foundational knowledge. This session will cover the most significant recent developments in labor and employment law. Employers will gain practical advice to help them reinforce their human resources compliance programs and prevent errors that can lead to attacks by government agencies, plaintiffs’ attorneys and labor organizations.

The rights and duties of employers or HR and employees are crucial to all businesses and individuals in the workforce. Employers need to establish procedures to comply with myriad employment laws and regulations, and need protection from disloyal employees who may misuse confidential or proprietary information. It is good for both employers and employees. If you and your team participated in this event to get back to full information on labor law.

The conference will bring all delegates a panel of senior speakers comprising human resource practitioners and specialist legal advisor to share with you ways to avoid costly mistakes and deal with prevalent issues

HR Law Summit 2016 Conference


  • Learn about the latest regulatory and enforcement activities from those on the front lines of implementing employment laws.

  • Labor dispute related to this new wage and hour evaluation issue, How to fair and legal.

  • How to retrenchment exercise – right sizing, downsizing, human re-engineering.

  • Best Practice: Drafting Expatriate, Termination Employment Contract.

  • Transfer of Employment; key legal concerns and key pitfalls should be aware of.

  • Temporary employment, Issues of concern.

  • Drafting HR outsourcing contracts.

  • Managing Relationships with Labor Unions For Win-Win Outcomes.

  • Dismissal, Termination and Resolutions to develop & effective compliance system that protects you & your business.

  • Labor Dispute Resolutions.

  • Get tools, tips and resources that help minimize your organization’s exposure to litigation.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers/Directors, Heads, Managers, Advisors and Consultants of:

  • Human Resources Management

  • Personnel Management

  • Recruitment

  • Employee Relations

  • Industrial Relations

  • Labor Union Relations

Including Human Resources Consultants, In-House Counsel involved in advising on company human resources and labor issues and Lawyers who currently practice in the area of labor law.

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