Training on October 28th, 2016

Today’s Most of the work is on people. We often fail. Whether or not the successful work mainly comes from the people because, we could read people correctly. Do we often use people don’t match ability and various troubles. Organizations that have a coaching culture are shown to have more engaged employees and higher levels of team and individual performance. Where large-scale cultural change has been most successful, senior leaders have the core skills to be able to role model, support and advocate the key behaviors associated with a coaching style of leadership. The Leader as Coaching programme is designed for leaders in organizations to come together to develop a strategic understanding and core skills to be able to leverage a coaching style of leadership and ultimately help you to improve performance for yourself, your teams and others you influence.

Best practices for leaders to be effective leadership coaches. These simple and straight-forward practices are based on decades of research and experience. Even though they are simple, they are not necessarily easy. They are often behaviors and habits that coach leaders on how to develop in a natural and authentic way that becomes part of who they are. For leaders to inspire and motivate the best efforts of others in their organizations, they must show respect for and interest in every individual on the team. Rather than assume a position of superiority and entitlement lead by example. If you want people to have integrity, demonstrate integrity, and if you want people to be focused on strategic initiatives, stay focused yourself. If you want emerging leaders to stay calm under pressure, then stay calm under pressure (and don’t interpret other’s calmness as a lack of concern or urgency).

Leader Coaching by 5 Character Element

OBJECTIVE: You will learn how to....

  • .....To give the participants a better understanding of the five elements of self and of others.

  • .....To be adopted by the personality of each element for the benefits of the work.

  • .....To developing and extract the potential of people in each.

  • .....To benefits the team and the organization.


  • The differences of people to understand the 5 elements.

  • To understand the character of a person.

  • Be able to developing a concrete to achieve maximum benefit in the work.

  • Why existing models for organization development are no longer able to keep up with the pace of change.

  • How to think differently about change and to engage organizational leaders in managing change more effectively.

  • Understanding the “core moves” that must be managed to get on top of permanent whitewater and then go on learning and improving performance.

  • Assessing your own readiness to move to a more advanced approach to leading organizations through change.

  • Learn and understand a new coaching approach (to use 'on the job' and 'in the moment' with all staff).

  • Utilize and role model a coaching style with greater confidence.

  • Utilize these skills to resolve issues faster across the leadership team and with direct reports.

  • Learn about the '5 Character Elements' and how to flex your leadership style.

  • Increase your effectiveness in your role.

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