Training on November 24th - 25th, 2016

Modern day executive secretaries and personal assistants must be prepared to accept increasingly complex responsibilities and cannot rely solely on traditional secretarial skills. Executive assistants must be aware of the principles of management, leadership, human behavior as well as communication skills, character strengths with their contacts at all levels support to provide executive assistants with the skills needed to perform more effectively. Specifically designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools and techniques in achieving excellence in managerial support, while providing professional development skills that will cater to your specific needs SECRETARIES AND PERSONAL ASSISTANTS often get a unique insight into the business and how it operates, however to truly add value at the strategic level as a senior EA/PA you must learn to think strategically, apply critical thinking and problem solving skills, and gain a solid understanding of the principles of business management. Step up to a strategic level role, build your presence and influence within the Executive team, and cement your position as a valuable professional resource not just for your manager but for the wider organization. The knowledge gained from the programme will enhance your skills, knowledge and abilities to continue to widen the scope of your role.

Effective Secretaries and Personal Assistants Workshop


  1. VUCA - The changing role of the secretary | Understanding the importance of your position.

  2. Project Management | Project management has been proven to be the most effective method of delivering products within cost, schedule, and resource constraints.

  3. Change Your Mindset, Change the Game | A mindset is a lens or way of viewing the world. You do this to simplify and categorize the vast amount of information you receive every day and the infinite possible interpretations of what this information means. They are a natural part of being human.

  4. Working in teams

  5. Executive Presence: Component to getting ahead at work | Understanding how to project confidence, stay poised under pressure and be authentic are clearly skills worth having.

  6. Developing your strengths as a leader

  7. Summery & Q-A


  • Learn powerful techniques to think with powerful techniques.

  • Create win-win solutions.

  • Become a strategic partner to your boss.

  • Understand different team player style for more effective collaboration.

  • Control your time and workload with advanced time management skills.

  • Understand your natural preferences, strengths and potential for growth and formulate a development action plan and pathway for success.

  • Know how to effectively influence to better achieve goals and be able to present with confidence and credibility.

  • Create the right mind set to drive success, accessing the amazing power of your brain.

  • Push your current job, no matter what it is, in the direction of a dream role.

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