Conference on November 10th - 11th, 2016

Careful negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts are critical to minimizing exposure to risk and maximizing potential benefits for all parties. Effective contract negotiation with internal and external stakeholders as well as tips to strengthen your ability to interpret commercial contracts and deliver a strong brief during the drafting process. Successful negotiation, documentation and management of service level agreements are designed to help managers overcome the challenges of ensuring adequate performance when contracting in today’s business environment.

As a business manager, you risk exposing your organization to severe financial penalties and turning a potentially profitable deal into a loss-maker, if commercial contracts are not carefully drafted and managed. In order to be effective and profitable, a sound contract is vital and risk factors must be eliminated wherever possible.

This course has been specially designed to equip you with the skills required for the effective management of commercial contracts. You will gain a thorough understanding of the business and legal issues surrounding contracts and return to your workplace armed with the know-how to protect your organization from costly contractual disputes.

Commercial Contracts Conference 2016


  • The Development of the Law is Conducive to Sector Businesses by The Office of the Council of State

  • Analysis of the principles underlying binding contracts.

  • Managing legal risks in commercial contracts.

  • Performance and breach of commercial contract issues.

  • Reaching agreement at the close of the negotiation process.

  • Terminating and renewing contracts.

  • How to handle tough negotiations.

  • Drafting effective contracts.

  • How to successfully manage contracts.

  • Managing and preventing disputes.

  • Understand the operating context for commercial contracts.


  • Keynote Address: The Office of the Council of State: The Development of the Law is Conducive to Sector Businesses in the year 2017.

  • Practical Approaches: Effective Tax Planning for Commercial Contracts.

  • Practical Approaches: Drafting Legally Effective Commercial Contracts.

  • Practical Approaches: Governing Law/Dispute.

  • Best Practice: Mastering Risks & Contract Agreements in Cross Border/International Contracts.

  • Best Practice: Managing Mediation and Commercial Litigation to Resolve Contractual Risks, Changes and Disputes.

  • Structuring and Negotiating Joint Ventures Contracts – Procedures and Key Legal Risks.

  • Practical Approach: Ensuring the Seamless Implementation and Avoiding of Breach and Termination of Contracts.

  • Practical Approach: Critical Concern for Unfair Contract Terms in Commercial Agreements.

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