Training on October 20th - 21st, 2016

Today’s demands for maximum retention of learning and minimal time spent out of the office, the desire for blended learning options and the need to accommodate a wider range of audiences call for trainers to balance the needs of their learners with the expectations of a faster, complex workplace. Whether you are moving into training for the first time or regularly assuming this role.

This is an opportunity to make sure your learners know what they’re in for, to announce where the bathrooms are, to briefly de-brief the pre-work and to generally break the ice. It’s very important that train-the-trainer participants understand their role in whether or not training will be transferred onto the job… and that they understand that even the best-designed and best-facilitated training will not guarantee transfer to the job. If trainers want to be able to deliver high quality learning experiences consistently, then they’ll need a foundation in what works and what doesn’t in how adults learn and process information. We know what makes a great trainer. It's not just about being an expert in your subject; it's about engaging an audience.

Our Train the Trainer course will give you an understanding of how people learn so that the people you train will not only enjoy your course but go away with the knowledge they need. This course will enhance our training repertoire and lift your skills to the next level. Take advantage of our trainers of experience and walk away with valuable, immediately actionable insights to deliver learning, motivate individuals and maximize transfer back into the workplace.

Train The Trainer Workshop


  1. Key concepts in training looking at the concepts that underpin the training theory

  • Training Needs Analysis.

  • Creating the climate for success.

  • Course coverage and goals.

  • Understanding the expectations of trainers and training in today’s workplaces.

  1. Preparation for training design

  • Examining the needs analysis.

  • Identifying performance issues vs. training needs.

  • Determining relevant training.

  • Writing learning objectives.

  1. Learning Insights

  • The learning cycle.

  • How will these impact your training approach?

  • The neuroscience of learning.

  • The challenges and opportunities.

  1. Designing process

  • Resources, methods and techniques for effective learner-based training design.

  • Creating practical exercises, role plays, group solving exercises and discussions.

  • The pros and cons of blended learning for trainers and trainees.

  • Utilizing technology.

  • Developing engaging computer-based and technical training for maximum retention.

  1. Best Practice Evaluation

  • Tips and tricks for instant evaluation.

  • The importance of reflecting on self and learning transfer.

  • The levels of learning evaluation and how to use these in training and development.

  1. The Training Environment

  • Overcoming the training room as a barrier to learning.

  • Using neuroscience to create the right training climate.

  • What can the ideal training environment look like?

  • Planning and preparation checklists.

  • Creating a safe environment.

  • Emotional Intelligence and self-management for trainers.

  • The fundamentals of group dynamics and using it for learning success.

  • Common barriers to adult learning: Organizational, cultural, generational.

  • Dealing with learners.

  • Building flexibility into your training style.


  • Advance your knowledge of adult behavioral psychology and how it affects learning.

  • Prepare specific programme objectives and plans to achieve your desired results.

  • Develop your skills to provide learning transfer.

  • Utilize the elements of a positive environment for interesting and results-focused learning.

  • Understand the fundamental role that Emotional Intelligence and group dynamics play in training and facilitation.

  • Learn how to design and deliver participative, high impact training events in an interactive.

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