Intensive Workshop on April 27th - 28th, 2017

The employment relationship can end for a number of reasons – sometimes happily and other times less so. Whatever the reason, it is important that managers are aware of the process of termination of employment and the legal implications that can arise. The government has enacted New Labour laws that every employer must understand and perfectly implement. The impact of the new laws on the employment contracts and how to manage them is enormous. For example, now, you cannot terminate an employee’s contract without giving a reason.Terminating an employee’s contract is not easy especially that, one needs to ensure that the termination does not unnecessarily land your organization in court. The new labour laws are emphatic on Employers giving a reason for terminating a contract of employment. The consequences for not getting this right are gustily. You cannot afford to make mistakes as the penalty for wrongful termination of contract may be high pay.

Termination & Employment Contracts


The workshop aims at helping member companies and organizations to adequately develop, manage and execute the employment contract at place of work. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop key elements of Employment Contract.

  • Develop a good Standard Employment Contract.

  • Understand the Conditions under which the Employment Contracts can be terminated

  • Establish better relationships and social dialogue between employer and workers and provide basic education on the meaning of contracts.

  • Understand the provision of the ILO convention 158 on termination of Employment Contracts.

  • Effective Employment Contract Termination.

  • Understand contractual issues relating to resignation and dismissal, including breach of contract and constructive dismissal.

  • Understand the legal definition of redundancy and a fair redundancy procedure.

  • Appreciate the impact of termination on confidentiality and restrictive covenants.

  • How to avoid unfair dismissal claims.

  • Compromise agreements and settlements.

  • Notice periods and payments due on termination.

  • Employment references.

  • Handling redundancy situations.

  • Restrictive covenants and confidentiality.

  • Law and regulations on expatriate employment.

  • Etc.


Mr. Wasantachai Watanavongvisudhi Partner, International Legal Counsellors Thailand​ "How can a business protect itself against employees working for the competition?"

Professional Experience:

>> Over 30 years of experience in practice area of labor laws. He is a litigation partners dealing with various cases of labor disputes. He has successfully represented clients in many cases before the Central Labor Court of Thailand. His current position is a litigation partner and Expert on Labor Law, Litigation and Labor Department of International Legal Counsellors Thailand Ltd. He obtained LL.B. (Hons), Diploma in U.S. Business Law, Michigan campus and also LL.M. (Business Law) from Thammasat University, etc.

>> Expertise in Labor litigation cases in various Labor Courts of Thailand.

>> The expertise include the cases relating to dispute on unfair termination, labor claim, and labor dispute with the Labor Unions etc.

Other Activities:

++ Law Lecturer (Visiting Instructor) on Labor Law, Siam University ++ Committee of Foreign Affair, Lawyers Council of Thailand (2013-Present) ++ Committee of Disciplinare Investigation, Lawyers Council of Thailand (2011) ++ Committee of Foreign Affair, Law Society (1989)

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