Intensive Workshop on December 8th - 9th, 2016

Planning and control is a very important aspect of every successful business operation and is actually a continuation of the strategic planning process of the business. For instance, every business must have its business mission statement, and formulate its corporate objectives and long term strategy to continuously stay in business.

A strategic planning session is one of the most difficult tasks of the role of the strategic planning manager: it requires the personal skills to capture the interest of the audience, the listening skills to pick up signals, the analytical skills to see the gaps and the opportunities, the synthetic mind to summarize and build consensus … However, this is where your role comes to the fullest potential: to unleash the strategic thinking of the management team, and once in a while, to force the company to step back and reflect on its strategy. Facilitating a strategic planning process is not just designing a template and having the organization fill in the gaps. On the contrary, it means carefully coaching the management team through a thinking process. Often, the actual strategic plan is even less important than the process to get at the plan.

This Workshop facilitation can help ensure the effectiveness of your strategic planning process. An effective process results in well-executed plans.

Effective Strategic Planning to Organization


  • Vision statement.

  • To educate the participants about the principles and practices of strategic planning.

  • To business analyze of current economic conditions. Planning has to be.

  • To understand in the issue of a strategic plan and plan a good strategy and inappropriate.

  • Defining objectives and setting expectations.

  • Category/Sector Review highlighting current market and consumer trends.

  • To prepare a strategic plan for a system and a process.

  • To analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis) both enterprise class and business units have to be.

  • Competitive Analysis and Opportunity Review.

  • To educational programs adapted to the competition and the changes that occur.

  • To the participants to understand the strategic management process.

  • To analyze the external environment and can lead to real jobs and business Strategic plan can be converted to a scorecard


CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers/Directors, Heads, Managers, Advisors and Consultants of:

  • Business Analyst

  • Business Planning

  • Consultant

  • IS/Technical/IT Business Analyst

  • Business System/Product Analyst

  • Process Coordinator/Designer/Specialist

  • Process Improvement

  • Etc.

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