Conference on January 26th - 27th, 2017

Today's the economic situation and the expansion of the world give rise to considerations of how to be able to offer the principal more efficient and more economic offers.

This requires a consistent structuring of the enterprise and continuous risk management when carrying out construction projects. Construction projects are exposed to risks at the time of their coming into existence. In the various stages, it must first of all be considered what risks the principal would like to counter with measures and how costly these measures are. For this, risks, possible risk costs, measures and costs of the measures must be identified and suitable measures must be found in order to avoid errors in the future.

The CONSTRUCTION PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT SUMMIT 2017 comes at a time where construction risk is unavoidable and collaborative efforts are more important than ever. Hear how the use of technology will improve your risk management processes. All elements of risk will be discussed; contractual risk, project risk and financial risks. Covering project delivery delays, managing what happens on the construction site as well as OH&S issues. This Summit fosters a forum to discuss best practice case studies, emerging risks, early detection and project risk analysis.

This summit allows a platform where leading construction companies, risk assessors, lawyers and insurance industry professionals will gather to network, learn and participate in deep discussions regarding new and developing issues surrounding risk within the construction industry. The conference follows the Risk Management principles and practices adopted by the ... apply the tools and techniques learned to an actual construction project's life cycle. ... Develop a detailed risk management plan to guide risk management.

Process Safety and Risk Reduction


  • Best Practice: Assessing Construction Project Risks in Feasibility.

  • Practical Approach:

  • An Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Building Construction Projects, Pollution Control and Ecology Conservation Problems and Solutions.

  • Effective Project Costs Risk Management & Ensuring the Prevention of Financial Losses against a Project.

  • Effective Tax Planning & Tax Risk Management in Managing Construction Contracts & Projects Key Elements and Advantages of Effective Tax Planning.

  • Litigation Management a Construction Accident & Assessing Dispute Resolution Options.

  • Integrated Approaches for Establishing Effective Risk Management throughout Construction Project Life Cycle.

  • Managing Time Related Construction Risk.

  • Conducting Risk Management on Major Projects – Pitfalls and Benefits & Project Team Management - Decreasing Risk through Effective Communication.


  1. The latest trends in construction risk management, insurance coverage, and the markets.

  2. Develop an in-depth understanding of proven risk management systems and analytics that have actually enhanced business performance.

  3. Discover the benefits of leveraging technology to achieve objectives and align an organization’s risk culture to meet those goals.

  4. Examining key elements in contract law and contractual obligations to manage risks, audit contracts and improve dispute resolutions methods.

  5. Gain tips for understanding contractual material and avoid the traps and pitfalls of contracting and contract drafting.

  6. Managing Time Related Construction Risk.

  7. How OHS Law Require Risk Management and How to Achieve Compliance.

  8. Project Team Management - Decreasing Risk through Effective Communication.

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