Workshop on January 26th - 27th, 2017

Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) are increasingly standard in large, medium and some small organizations.

As with most management concepts understanding of the purpose, application, implementation and optimization of KPIs varies from breathtakingly good to various degrees of destructive.

If KPIs (as part of Business Performance Improvement or BPI) are properly applied and used they can have a fundamental effect on the culture and the competitive performance of any organization large or small.

The lack of understanding of performance measures has led most monitoring and reporting of measures to fail, including balanced scorecard initiatives. At this workshop a practical step by step methodology is shared that helps organizations to rediscover their critical success factors and underpinning winning key performance indicators.

Process Safety and Risk Reduction

The Topic Contents:

  • What Are Key Performance Indicators?

  • The Road Map For Implementation.

  • Knowledge of Planning, Optimizing Performance (Competency) And Setting KPIS + Competency.

  • Effective Strategic Planning And KPI Setting.

  • Key Lessons Form Measuring Performance.

  • Model To Developing And Using Winning KPIs.

  • Workshop:

  • Brainstorm the success factors in sector groups writing goals and objectives Vision / Mission / Objective / Strategies.

  • To Action Plan: Atypical workshop is interspersed with numerous discussions, exercises and illustrations.

Our KPI workshop is a very interactive hands on experience during which delegates are actively involved in establishing chosen processes, mapping them and then identifying the KPIs.

The goal is that these processes can be successfully implemented in their organization following the workshop.

KPI INDICATORS WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE: The overall aim of the workshop is to improve the probability of successful application of KPIs within an organization.

  • Learn and can be applied in the index KPIs and Competency Management.

  • To understand the concept, however, is that the KPI, The process, however, and the KPI

  • The importance of processes.

  • Establishing KPIs.

  • Implementation plans.

  • Collection, presentation, evaluation, meetings, culture and summary.

  • Applications in the management of the organization to have a clear effect.

  • To be able to determine the success indicators (KPI) that are aligned with the business strategies of the organization.

  • To be able to define the purpose and goals of the plan properly.

  • To help those who are about to embark on a KPI project.

  • To revitalize your balanced scorecard.

  • To help you to understand why your current performance measurement system is not working and how to fix the situation based on best practice knowledge.

  • Which will help you choose the right KPIs.

  • An appreciation that not all KPI performance measures are "KEY" to your business.

  • An insight into the importance of identifying your organization's critical success factors.

  • A road map to developing and reporting KPIs.


Asst.Prof Dr. Thaneth Sirikit / Professional Instructor, Consult

DR. Thaneth Sirikit has vast experience in the field of Marketing and not only in the private sector, but also in the academic world. This is shown with his years of sharing knowledge across some of Thailand's well known universities, He has worked with big organizations such as SCG, Toyota Group, Nivea (Thailand), and many others. Dr. Thaneth has even created his own Marketing text books such as "Strategic Management" and "Customer Relationship Management Concept and Implementation." You can also read his articles in marketing magazines such as "Positioning" Dr. Thaneth has experiences in Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Brand Management, Marketing Strategy for CEOs and Leadership Strategy.

D.B.A. (Doctor of Business Administration) Marketing: Professional Instructor, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.), U.S.A.

++ Certified Professional Marketer

++ Certified Customers in ASIA Relationship Management

++ Special Instructor (Master Degree)

++ Marketing Specialist


+++ Marketing Management

+++ Strategic Management

+++ Consumer Behavior

+++ Brand Management

+++ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

+++ Customer Relationship Experiences (CEM)

+++ Service Mind

+++ Leadership Strategy

+++ Strategic Brand

+++ Marketing Strategy for CEO

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