Conference on February 16th - 17th, 2017

Strategies used to prevent and to control fraud are astoundingly diverse and ... in manufacturing technological means of preventing and detecting fraudulent acts.

This intensive, interactive and highly practical two day workshop aims at giving you back the upper hand against white collar criminals. The highly respected facilitator will kit you out with the latest tips, tools, techniques and models for you to effectively combat the imminent risk faced by your organization.

Fraud has in the past been the focus of internal management, but it has now become the focus of regulators, including international regulators. Anybody who is responsible to ensure prevention, detection, and assessment of fraud and fraud sensitivity must know about how fraud takes place and how the same can be identified and prevented. Afterwards, fraudulent actions are related to risk. Then the characteristics of the companies that are more prone to fraud commitment are described. Lastly, the consequences of misrepresentation are shown, with the division into those affecting directly accused company, and those affecting industries they operate in. Providing you with the fraud lifecycle management and highly practical sessions, this course will therefore provide you with the ultimate tools in safeguarding your organization against onslaught of corporate fraud. The course will not only provide you with techniques to detect threats to your organization but will take you through the entire investigation process. Practical tools, tips and methods will be provided to you to get inside the mind of the criminal and fight back to protect your company. This course will allow having a view of the subject – learning from lessons from the past to recognizing how Information Technology enables fraud. Explained in simple language with multiple case studies, this course will prove to be a major step in your fraud management activities. Fraud risks can be substantially reduced through a smart combination of prevention and detection measures. This forum will bring together international niche experts that will draw a strategic overview on how to efficiently fight fraud in an ever changing technological and economic landscape.

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  • Improve your fraud prevention model to increase organizational defense systems.

  • Learn how to create a resilient policy framework to boost corporate compliance.

  • Discover how risk ethics and culture can assist in achieving enhanced fraud prevention.

  • Develop a clear fraud risk approach to fit business objectives.

  • Identify the direct responsibilities of Accounting and Auditing for detecting and deterring fraud.

  • Use analytical techniques as they relate to fraud examination.

  • Use of the Internet as an investigative tool during fraud examinations.

  • Prepare reports on a fraud examination.

  • Identify common asset misappropriation schemes, including skimming, billing schemes and information theft.

  • Assess entity-wide fraud risks, including how your organizational culture affects the threat of asset misappropriation.

  • Establish effective internal controls to mitigate the risk of asset misappropriation schemes.

  • Respond to an asset misappropriation scheme that has been identified.

  • Explain the ways data can be stolen by employees and information thieves.

  • Identify various sources of data loss, both internal and external.

  • Recognize red flags in employee behavior.


>> The Dangers of Outsourcing; Managing Your Intellectual Property When Outsourcing Offshore.

>> Practical Approaches:

  • A Closer Look at Fraud Analytics with Real-World Case Studies.

  • Construction Fraud Schemes are Various & Common.Discovering the Fraud Schemes in Construction and Capital Projects

  • Understanding Fraud through Real-Life Investigations Fraud Can Occur in any Organization, Big or Small.

  • Internal audit roles in prevention, detection and investigation of fraud cases. Understand the difference between internal audit and forensic audit. Learn about the recent skill sets needed to be a good internal auditor and/or management.

  • When winning is losing. Does your whistleblowing system being silence or become meaningless? So you should learn how to wake it up!

>> Cyber Crimes: Prevention & Investigation of Cyber Fraud. Cyber Technology & Social Media Continue to Evolve Exponentially and One of the Greatest Threats to our Society is The Nefarious use of the Internet to Commit Fraud.

>> Edit your own and others’ business writing more effectively.

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