Workshop on May 30th - 31st, 2017

At the core of every business is the need to obtain, grow and retain customers. The marketing function has always been concerned with understanding and delivering value to that effect. Marketers have to constantly reinvent themselves to keep up with new technologies and changing customers’ expectations in the face of increased global competition. The strategic marketing workshop provides a comprehensive examination of the latest marketing tools, methodologies and strategies for generating and growing customer value. A big factor in the success of a business lies within its brand and how well-known it is. Even for well established brands, it is important for business owners and marketers to be up-to-date with marketing strategies and trend.

This 2 day course will guide participants through the steps of knowing what the market trends are, how to analyze the market, consumer behavior and plan marketing strategies. In addition, they will be able to design competitive strategies so that their brand image will have strong positioning in the market.

Having completed this course, participants will know the market trend, understand different marketing strategies, analyze consumer behavior and know how to design competitive strategies. This course will allow them to know how to plan, prepare and create their brand image to be ever more competitive in its positioning.

Process Safety and Risk Reduction

The Topic Contents:

>> Introduction to Marketing Strategy

- Understanding Vision and Mission. - Setting Business Objectives the SMART Way.

>> Consumer Trend in 2017

- Business Model Marketing 4.0. - Why all businesses need today. - Marketing features 4 P's / 8 P's / 11 P's. - Consumer behavior trends Analysis. - Consumer behavior affect the market competition. - Customer Trends The current understanding of the behavior and current customers.

>> Designing Competitive Strategies

- Market Leader Strategies. - Market Challenger Strategies. - Market Follower Strategies. - Market Niche Strategies. - Analysis of the market. - Competitive factors the market for business 5 Force Model. - Business Assessment SWOT Matrix. - Strategy on market competition. - Customers Centric Strategies. - Strategic Brand Management. - Developing the Product Strategy. - Channel Design and Management. - Strategic Pricing and Value Creation. - Integrated Marketing Communication. - Developing Your Communication Strategy. - Service Marketing Management.

>> Work Shop business segment analysis >> Work Shop segmenting a Marketing Plan >> Summary: Q & A


  • So that managers know how to analyze and create business marketing plans.

  • To make the participants understand the Marketing Competitive Strategic.

  • Analysis Consumer behavior affect the market competition.

  • The participants analyzed three factors that affect our business, both external and internal factors.

  • To Training Analysis The customer trends Up to the present marketing plan.

  • The participants Three strategic business analysis using the SWOT Matrix.

  • Understanding of strategy in the race.

  • Corporate strategy / Business strategy / Agency strategy.

  • Understand the competitive business.

  • Be able to analyze consumer behavior and its effects in the competitive market.

  • To understand both external and internal factors that affects business.

  • To be able to analyze consumer behavior in order to plan.

  • Know how to plan marketing strategies in order to compete.

  • To understand positioning within the market competition.


Asst.Prof Dr. Thaneth Sirikit / Professional Instructor, Consult

DR. Thaneth Sirikit has vast experience in the field of Marketing and not only in the private sector, but also in the academic world. This is shown with his years of sharing knowledge across some of Thailand's well known universities, He has worked with big organizations such as SCG, Toyota Group, Nivea (Thailand), and many others. Dr. Thaneth has even created his own Marketing text books such as "Strategic Management" and "Customer Relationship Management Concept and Implementation." You can also read his articles in marketing magazines such as "Positioning" Dr. Thaneth has experiences in Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Brand Management, Marketing Strategy for CEOs and Leadership Strategy.

D.B.A. (Doctor of Business Administration) Marketing: Professional Instructor, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.), U.S.A.

++ Certified Professional Marketer

++ Certified Customers in ASIA Relationship Management

++ Special Instructor (Master Degree)

++ Marketing Specialist


+++ Marketing Management

+++ Strategic Management

+++ Consumer Behavior

+++ Brand Management

+++ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

+++ Customer Relationship Experiences (CEM)

+++ Service Mind

+++ Leadership Strategy

+++ Strategic Brand

+++ Marketing Strategy for CEO

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