Intensive Workshop on April 27th - 28th, 2017

Over the years, much has been learned about the development and leadership of teams - what works, and what doesn’t. New, ‘high-performing’ teams are adaptive, responsive and resourceful. They are challenged by fast-paced work environments, intense market competition and, often, constant change.

The skills required to successfully lead and develop teams are often described as ‘soft’ skills… but there’s certainly nothing ‘soft’ about finding truly meaningful ways to enable your team to excel through better engagement, communication, collaboration and creativity.

As important as meeting day-to-day management challenges are, motivating a team is equally vital, and having managers who can do both offers a key competitive edge to sports service providers “Managing and motivating winning teams” looks at both aspects of this challenge – developing a manager’s awareness of how their motivational behaviour affects others, and providing delegates with an insight into the mechanics of relationship awareness, helping expand understanding of their team. By overlaying this insight on top of operational processes, we can reveal how strategy and people work best together.

The workshop includes practical application of current theoretical thinking to enable better planning, organization and delegation – creating easily actionable takeaways. Using these new-found relationship awareness techniques, delegates will be equipped to put the right people in the right roles with the right responsibilities – easing the challenge of building a highly-motivated, winning team and help ease the negative effect of change on both managerial and supervisory personnel. The change in job responsibilities, the change in personnel, job duties, and the rising challenge of developing subordinates are specific goals of our learning systems workshops. We are highly successful at helping Managers and Supervisors learn and adapt to the necessary skills and proper behaviors to be successful at work as well as in their personal lives.

Express Yourself in English (EYiE) for PRESENTATION Workshop


  1. Recognize the importance of Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Motivation and Attitude.

  2. How does it impact you?

  3. Ways to enhance your confidence and motivation to achieve your goals.

  4. Establish your own Self-Development plan.

  5. Setting and achieving goals – the SMART way.

  6. Power of ‘Thought’.

  7. Ways to challenge fear of failure.

  8. Have an awareness of the importance of encouraging open communication between team members and how to do so.

  9. Be able to provide feedback to team members to enhance the performance of fellow team members and the team as a whole.

  10. Discuss the importance of celebrating team and individual successes together and sharing and learning from setbacks.

  11. Forming the right team.

  12. Understanding team leadership and sponsorship.

  13. Communicating effectively with the team.

  14. Analyzing team styles.

  15. Involving the team in decision making and planning.

  16. Providing feedback to the team.

  17. Resolving conflict on the team.

  18. Monitoring the team’s activities.

  19. Achieving a common understanding – the review processes.

  20. Helping people achieve their objectives.

  21. Giving BEST feedback that is constructive and motivating.

  22. Understanding what motivates your team – and what doesn’t!


Those who manage at first or second line and are looking for the next step in managing and motivating their winning team, such as:

  • Front of house supervisors

  • Sales team managers

  • Middle managers delivering sport and activity services

  • Ambitious duty managers looking to highlight the skill set improvements they need to make to progress in their career



Director of Writing Development Institute


>> Master of Political Sciences (Politics and Governments), Thamasart University >> Bachelor of Political Sciences (Public Administration), Ramkhamhang University


>> Director of Writing Development Institute Writing Development Institute >> Master of Ceremony in Perd Lem Program Bangkok Channel (IPM 26) >> Member of Academic Sub - Committee Thai Journalist Association


>> Executive Editor (2556-2558) Ton Kid Publishing >> Writing Specialist and Communication Strategy Officer (2554-2556) Kiatnakin Bank >> Head of Regional News, Traveler Newspaper (2553-2554) Tiew Thai Company >> Political Journalist and Regional Economy, Thansettakit Newspaper (2543-2553) Thansettakit Company

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