Intensive Workshop on May 18th - 19th, 2017

The training field is constantly changing and as someone who creates learning opportunities for others, you need to be up-to-speed with the latest training and development trends and resources. Advanced Train the Trainer is an intensive and high impact transformational course that aims to enhance and empower you with more sophisticated repertoire of training methods that are stimulating and practical.

If you have been training for a while now, this course will show you how to inspire confidence, engage your audience and leave your trainees invigorated and motivated to put their learning into practice.

Our Advanced Train the Trainer course will give you an understanding of how people learn so that the people you train will not only enjoy your course but go away with the knowledge they need. This course will enhance our training repertoire and lift your skills to the next level. Take advantage of our trainers of experience and walk away with valuable, immediately actionable insights to deliver learning, motivate individuals and maximize transfer back into the workplace.


Advanced Train The Trainer


  • Equip yourself with high level approaches to both organizational and classroom learning, facilitating groups and grow your confidence as a trainer and facilitator.

  • How to control a training session and cope with challenging behavior.

  • Develop techniques for making your training messages memorable and informative.


  1. Key concepts in training looking at the concepts that underpin the training theory.

  2. Preparation for training design.

  3. Learning Insights.

  4. Designing process.

  5. Best Practice Evaluation.

  6. The training environment & High Level Facilitation within the Classroom.

  7. Group exercise: applying the tools to an actual course & Q/A


[if !supportLists]>> [endif]Develop a list of skill and knowledge based competencies that match your job or training requirements.

[if !supportLists]>> [endif]Prepare specific training objectives and plans that are designed to achieve your desired results.

[if !supportLists]>> [endif]Design and plan a training programme with defined structure, content and methodology.

>> [endif] Deliver complete on-the-job training sessions that include explanation, demonstration and practice.

[if !supportLists]>> [endif] Identify the elements of a positive training environment and use them to make your training both interesting and results-focused.

[if !supportLists]>> [endif] Learn assessment tools to measure the developing competency of your staff, making sure they are achieving the results you want.

[if !supportLists]>> [endif] Evaluate the effectiveness of the training by demonstrating the link between training and workplace performance.

[if !supportLists]>> [endif] Understand the fundamentals.


MR. ISSRA SIVAKUL Consultant and Personal Coaching Former Vice President & General Manager, STATS ChipPAC Limited Singapore. Former Vice President & General Manager, HANA Microelectronics PCL (Thailand).

Over 35 extensive years of experience worldwide in both domestic and international electronic components leading companies such as:

  • STATS ChipPAC (SCL), Singapore

  • Cypress Semiconductor, USA

  • Dallah Avco, Saudi Arabia

  • HANA Microelectronics PCL, Thailand

  • Micropolis, Thailand

  • Minebea, Thailand

  • AMD, Thailand

  • Phillips (Signetic) Semiconductor, Thailand

Issra Sivakul served important key positions as Operation Director, Quality Director, Engineering Director, General Manager and Vice President. He highly achieved high performance organization (HPO) with manufacturing excellent program using advance technical tools and techniques i.e. BSC, PSDM for a higher results in proficiency and productivity as well as minimizing operations cost and being able to sustain key performers in the organization with effective career path development program (CPDP).

He used to operate and shut down the plant in Malaysia (SCL) within 2 years with mixed cultures of the employees namely Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Filipino. Regardless of the diversity, there was no employee moral issue. During his watch, the operation continued to run smoothly and there were no major operational problem. The plant was able to support all of the major customers’ satisfaction until the last day of operation. Major products and employees were transferred to sister plants and other companies successfully.

He can also do very well in expanding the operations (BU), relocating products and production lines among Thailand and overseas. He is one of the experts in leadership training and is invited to share his expertise in many business circulars.

Issra Sivakul graduated with a diploma in engineering from USA, bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from KMITNB, certificate of CFO from Federation of Accounting Professions. He was also a SASIN MM (EMBA) alumnus.

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