Workshop on May 18th - 19th, 2017

Whether you are on the front line or leading a major project, you can always contribute to exceptional customer service. You will analyst how the little things you do shape the customer experience. With case studies and practical exercises, you will walk away with the tools to ensure consistent, positive experiences that are memorable for all the right reasons.

Your first impression may seem simple enough, but it does make a difference. It is a great way to stand out from the competition and get a relationship started on the right track. Don't leave the first impression to chance - set your team up for success.

Learn how to enhance your image and personality from one of the country's best speakers on personality development. "SERVICE, FIRST IMPRESSIONS & PERSONALITTY COMMUNICATION PRO WORKSHOP" is a great workshop for every ONE who wants to carry yourself with poise and attract the right opportunities to boost your career, or meet more clients for your business.

Personality refers to an individual’s characteristics, style, behavior, mindset, attitude, his own unique way of perceiving things and seeing the world. Genetic factors, family backgrounds, varied cultures, environment, current situations play an imperative role in shaping one’s personality. The way you behave with others reflects your personality. An individual with a pleasing personality is appreciated and respected by all.

This course shows how to project the force of your inner self, assert your individuality, influence others and power you to success. Don't leave the first impression to chance - set your team up for success.

Process Safety and Risk Reduction


  • How to techniques of modern service satisfaction.

  • Have confidence in yourself and the organization that has the potential to create satisfied customers.

  • Strategy and meet customer needs.

  • Applications can be designed to self-service strategy.

  • Understanding Service Both internal and external customers, and the solution to the complaint.

  • Create a positive image for themselves and their organizations.

  • Understanding and skills in the development of social etiquette, dress their elegant strutting verbs.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the techniques of speech. Communication on various occasions Are important.

  • Understanding spoken language and body language to communicate and persuade. Attracting outstanding and impressed in the face and via phone.

  • Inspired and encouraged the goal. In personality development For success.

  • The Power of Personal Marketing.

  • Non-Verbal Communication.

  • Conversation Skills.

  • Confidence Builder.

  • The Winner's Image.

  • Anyone who wants to develop a winning personality​.


  1. Participative Technique

  2. Work shop

  3. Adult Learning Approach Role Playing

  4. The practice of body and mind to strengthen internal and external personality

  5. Multimedia

  6. Evaluation: from the training and the Workshop


>>> Customer Service Representatives

>>> Sales Persons

>>> HR Managers and Personnel

>>> Managers

>>> Professionals

>>> Business Owners

>>> Aspiring fashion or commercial models

>>> Anyone who wants to develop a winning personality


Asst.Prof Dr. Thaneth Sirikit / Professional Instructor, Consult

DR. Thaneth Sirikit has vast experience in the field of Marketing and not only in the private sector, but also in the academic world. This is shown with his years of sharing knowledge across some of Thailand's well known universities, He has worked with big organizations such as SCG, Toyota Group, Nivea (Thailand), and many others. Dr. Thaneth has even created his own Marketing text books such as "Strategic Management" and "Customer Relationship Management Concept and Implementation." You can also read his articles in marketing magazines such as "Positioning" Dr. Thaneth has experiences in Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Brand Management, Marketing Strategy for CEOs and Leadership Strategy.

D.B.A. (Doctor of Business Administration) Marketing: Professional Instructor, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.), U.S.A.

++ Certified Professional Marketer

++ Certified Customers in ASIA Relationship Management

++ Special Instructor (Master Degree)

++ Marketing Specialist


+++ Marketing Management

+++ Strategic Management

+++ Consumer Behavior

+++ Brand Management

+++ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

+++ Customer Relationship Experiences (CEM)

+++ Service Mind

+++ Leadership Strategy

+++ Strategic Brand

+++ Marketing Strategy for CEO

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