Conference on March 30th - 31th, 2017

The ability to respond strategically and in a timely way to existing and emerging situations that threaten the business and reputation of an organization, as well as that of its executives, directors and advisors, is a paramount concern for corporations.

Risk is multi-faceted. It is not confined within self-contained silos in any organization: an issue that arises in relation to one business unit, discipline, product line or department can have far-reaching effects on other parts of the organization. Neglected and risk can have a costly financial, operational and reputational impact upon the whole organization, its leaders and its stakeholders.

Conference to come together to share innovative practice, understand emerging research themes and discuss collective challenges with a view to improving our planning for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters. Learning innovation in Emergency & Disaster Management and Governance Leadership in Disasters Measuring Effectiveness and Strategies Risk Management, Reduction and Communication Recovery Defining, Planning, Measuring and Financing, New Technology and Social Media Resilience in Infrastructure businesses are increasingly challenged to promptly and effectively identify, assess and manage rapidly changing risks. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS & RISK MANAGEMENT, BCM, BCP CONFERENCE 2017 is intended to provide all participants with an opportunity to contribute and learn systems relating to the preparedness for future disasters, emergencies and hazards and the ability to recover. The conference will present attendees information needed to meet the new challenges that lay ahead and an opportunity to network with their peers participating at all levels. The summit features a panel of experts presenting a variety of topics from national security, critical infrastructure protection, emergency response, enterprise risk management.

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  • Strengthen the relationship and collaboration and effectively communicate during an incident/crisis.

  • Enhance logistical resources and preparation by planning in advance to ensure continuity of operations.

  • Incident and control structure to maximize effectiveness and improve.

  • Above the Resilience Challenge: It’s Everyone’s Business!

  • Assess Emergency Response Capability.

  • Enhance Business Operations through Real-Time Emergency Exercises and Worst Case scenarios.

  • Latest Advances and Developments in Resiliency and Recovery.

  • Ensure reliable grid operations by implementing innovative technologies.

  • Learn proven strategies for reducing risks and creating a robust emergency and crisis management system.

  • Discover how to evaluate and assess the level of a crisis and its impact, including financial implications.

  • Examine current and future risk models.

  • Overcome challenges in solving and mitigating disasters.

  • Understand how to reduce the probability of critical risk occurrence, or the magnitude and duration of impact.

  • Learn How to improve and train your team, company, community or organization from experienced advisors on how to prepare, respond, and assist.


>> Practical Approaches:

  • Risk Management Essentials And Building Resilience By Preparedness.

  • Strategies To Respond To And Recover From A Major Emergency Situation.

  • For Leader To Achive Identifying The Role Of Management During A Crisis.

  • Improving Individual And Community Preparedness Through The Use Of Social Media.

  • Planning For Unexpected Events & Rapid Remediation Recovery In A Green Approach And Management To Minimize The Impact Of Accidents With Chemical Substances.

  • Deploying Effective Crisis Communication To Create Business Continuity.

  • Minimizing Supply Chain Risks Key To Business Continuity.

>> Best Practices:

  • Emergency Response Exercise.

  • Business Continuity & Private Sector Response To Emergencies.

>> Case Study: Financial Institution Resiliency: Creating And Implementing Business Continuity Management Plan.

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