Intensive Workshop on August 3rd - 4th, 2017

Anyone who recognizes the importance of business writing skills to their professional recognition and personal success and wants to make this commitment to their professional and personal development.

Empower your team with the practical, proven secrets professional writers use to get to the point quickly and effectively. Designed for any professional who corresponds with customers, vendors, bosses, colleagues and others, this course is guaranteed to help your staff become the most proficient – and error-free – writers possible!

The professionalism and clarity of the e-mails, letters, memos and reports that leave your office reflect strongly on you and your organization. This course will teach your team to deliver the messages they intend for the results they need!

They’ll master the skills to organize and express their thoughts while writing under a tight deadline; discover the secrets of “netiquette;” and learn the grammar basics necessary to avoid mistakes and convey a professional, competent image.

Help your team overcome the barriers that stand between them and writing success in a non-threatening, positive environment! They’ll learn with ease in this comprehensive and practical seminar.

Information is crucial to an organization and when this information is communicated in writing, the quality of such communications can have a significant impact on business performance and decision making. Effective business writing is concise, accurate, unambiguous, logical and easily understood. This intensive two-day course is designed to help strengthen skills of effective business and professional communication in written modes. After successful completion of this course, participants will learn essential English grammar and vocabularies for business writing. Additionally, participants will have the skills necessary to communicate effectively in a variety of professional situations from the workshop. In this course, students will have gained exposure to the following genres of business and professional writing: Email, Business Letter (News Letter, Cover Letter), Memo, and Proposal, Report (Progress Report, Informative Report, Recommendation Report, Business Plan)

Effective English Writing for Business Purposes Workshop


Any individual who would like to improve their writing ability, refresh their existing knowledge, clarify the rules of grammar and create impact with the business documents they write. We welcome any managerial and supervisory level participants who need to strengthen their formal report writing skills for effective communication is international companies (Intermediary and Advanced levels)


On Completion of this training delegates will know how to:

  1. Successfully plan and construct documents.

  2. Write with increased confidence in a more structured and disciplined manner.

  3. Avoid common errors and grammar mistakes that impact on their professional image.

  4. Build successful sentences and paragraphs through the use of punctuation.

  5. Produce documents which are clear, effective and professional.

  6. Write for a specific readership and for different circumstances.

  7. Analyses and edit their documents.

  8. Pre-Writing Strategies That Work Every Time.

  9. Secrets to Writing On-Target E-Mails.

  10. Grammar Basics (That We Promise Will Be Short)

  11. Mastering the Writing Process and Using Your Personal Style.

  12. Writing Powerfully and Persuasively.

  13. Post-Writing Techniques to Clean Up Your Copy.

  14. Troubleshooting Common Writing Problems.


RAPEEPORN RUNGSITHONG, PhD Consult / Full time Lecturer, Department of Management, Kasetsart University

Dr. Rapeeporn before becoming a guest lecturer with the subjects related to strategic international management, such as global business environment analysis, knowledge management and cross-cultural management. Also, Dr. Rapeeporn had worked with multi-national companies and multi-national teams for several years.

Jan 2015-Jan 2016 Business administration department, Faculty of Social sciences, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand. Jun 2014-Present Part-time English Teacher (TOEFL and IELTS), Pornpan Academy

Aug-Dec 2014 Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Business administration, Bangkok University

2010-2013 Research assistant, University of Bath, United Kingdom

2008-2009 Industrial Market Analyst, Siemens Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand

2006-2008 Commercial Project Controlling, Siemens Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand 2005-2006 Corporate Lending Officer, Bangkok Bank PCL


  • Runner-up prize 2015, Thailand Thesis Award by National Research Council of Thailand

  • Runner-up prize 2014, Doctoral student essay competition in the topic of “The impact and approach to develop social and economic equality”, The 7th Samaggi Academic Conference (ThaiStudent association), University of Kent, UK

  • Best essay award winner 2013, Doctoral student essay competition in the topic of Thailand

  • Future under AEC, the 6th Samaggi Academic Conference (Thai student association), University College London, UK

  • Best essay award winner 2012, Doctoral student essay competition in the topic of “Shaping the

  • Future of economic growth in Thailand”, the 5th Samaggi Academic Conference (Thai studentAssociation), University of Oxford, UK

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