Enhance your organization's Supply Chain by managing and understanding the increasing volatile and complex environment with logistics and competitive strategies.

Conference on August 24th - 25th, 2017

Supply chain management describes the whole process of how one product reaches to an end user through the cumulative effort of multiple organizations. Supply chain management deals with the methods on maximizing customer value in terms of product development, sourcing, productions and the information systems that coordinate all these activities. Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient flow and storage of goods, services according to customer requirements.

Many companies are faced with reducing costs to a minimum, difficulty in integrating between production and supply chains, and achieving secure favorable transport arrangements, with these highly competitive environments, logistics and supply chain management can no longer ignore another new driver in the form of reducing energy consumption, moving to greener energy, or pushing for cleaner energy, they can no longer focus solely on improving their supply chain visibility, operation, refining efficiency and minimizing cost in raw materials and services to enable companies to competitively market their finished goods, but must now also consider environmental sustainability, a critical driver in the development of future logistic and supply chain strategies. Moreover, the trends towards developing an effective logistics.

We believe that speaking at the event is will you provide hands-on experience and different angles to assist analyzing new trends and improvement in all strategic, tactical and operational levels to ensure that the Logistics and supply chain operation is as efficient as possible and generates the highest level of customer satisfaction at the lower cost.

Advanced Train The Trainer

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In developing and implementing an effective Supply Chain strategy for you, our pragmatic approach will aim to deliver:

  • A clear Supply Chain strategy that supports the business strategy and goals.

  • A Supply Chain strategy that is well understood and supported by all key business functions.

  • A Supply Chain strategy that maintains a clear focus on the required outcomes and can easily be tracked and adjusted to maintain Supply Chain performance.

  • Most important! A Supply Chain strategy that reduces costs and improves customer service.

  • New insights into developing supply chain to achieve competitive advantage.

  • An increased understanding of the impact of supply chain management on costs and financial performance.

  • Appreciation of approaches and frameworks that can be applied to different market segments.

  • Reviews of the latest thinking on supply chain strategy, planning and execution.

  • Appreciation of how competitive advantage can be achieved within dynamic market places.

  • Understanding of the impact of enhanced supply chain performance on the overall profitability of the organization.

  • An Action plan to enable improved supply chain performance.

  • Developing supply chain strategies within volatile environments.

  • New approaches for improved supply chain performance.

  • Supply Chain Risk Management and creating resilient supply chains.

  • Understand the impact of supply chain strategies on Planning, Sourcing & Procurement, the manufacturing environment, the delivery operations and reverse logistics.

  • Specific on Inventory, warehousing, Demand planning and forecasting, Performance measurement Customer profitability analysis and cost-to-serve, supply chain strategy in the boardroom.


This conference is specially designed for CEOs, VPs, MDs, GMs, Directors, Managers, Heads, Senior Executives, Decision-Makers, and Specialists who are responsible for:

+ Supply chain + Logistics + Warehouse & Inventory + Transportation + Purchasing + Distribution + Material management + Procurement + Logistics equipment inventories + IT

>> Senior Supply Chain Managers and Executives looking at thought leadership of their own supply chain as well as other delegates experienced and methods.

>> Junior Supply Chain Executives, helping to bring them up to speed with the latest thinking, frameworks, tools and implementation.

>> Marketing, customer service and manufacturing managers and directors who are seeking supply chain integration or who need to understand the impact of supply chain decisions upon their company's performance.

Those wanting to create Action within the supply chain to increase value and reduce cost. It is extremely beneficial for delegates from different functions in a company to attend this programme, to ensure consistent and supportive action in supply chain management.

Attracting experienced professionals who wish to broaden and update their skills and knowledge to the latest thinking and help enhance and influence the management of their organization's supply chain.

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