Reduce the risk of security threats, defined security practices; establish your IT controls and compliance framework.

Conference on October 19th - 20th, 2017

Today's digital business can yield many benefits, but it also exposes organizations to new threats and risks. Today’s security and risk practitioners face unprecedented challenges in dealing with the volume and velocity of digital business interactions. To realize the full potential of digital business, security and risk leaders must deliver a program that establishes the enterprise, with its systems and employees, as a trusted participant in the digital economy. This requires organizations to use adaptive security architectures capable of leveraging intelligence and intelligent systems to enable context-aware security controls. Building resilient digital business systems that are versatile and dynamic allows security and risk leaders to prepare for and head off increasingly dangerous cyber threats.

At the CORPORATE IT & SECURITY & PROTECTION RISK MANAGEMENT. You’ll learn how to use proven practices as well as innovative technologies and methods to help manage increasing cyber security risks without unnecessarily inhibiting the business. Today's the IT Governance Security & Protection continue to mount, along with the associated financial losses. In fact, the annual average financial losses attributed to security incidents have increased. The question is, are you prepared to deal with today's threats and losses? Information Security Effectiveness we'll identify key cyber security issues and trends, and the actions IT risk professionals should be taking. We'll also dive deeper into and industry-specific results to help you identify, and take action, in the areas critical to your business.

This conference features plenary as well as concurrent sessions from top IT industry and professional services leaders on a variety of “hot topics”, each of which encompasses different aspects of IT Audit, Governance and Security. This impressive, jam-packed program will refocus you and your team on the practical information IT and senior financial professionals need in order to expand your knowledge and sharpen your competitive edge and reduce the risk!!!

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>> New legal requirements for cyber breach reporting and data security. >> Latest trends, Standards & Threats for Information Security & Future Directions. >> How to prepare your business for a Cyber Attack. >> Update cloud computing business models in Thai market. >> Advanced Tools Specifically developing to Backup and Implementing the IT System. >> How to protect your mobility.

>> How to Data Loss Prevention to the Cloud.

>> Identify main role of IT audit.

>> Best Practice on security audit process and preparation.

>> Legal Update: Interacting with Law Enforcement after a Cyber Crime.

>> Cyber Security - The Legal Framework.

>> Cyber breaches and related incidents the legal imperative to protect data.

>> Protecting personal information.


This is the ideal conference for IT professionals and financial leaders with responsibility for the IT function including:

  • CFOs

  • CIOs

  • IT Security Officers

  • Managers of: IT, IT audit, internal audit, compliance

  • Auditors: external, internal and IT

  • Finance professionals with responsibility for the IT function

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