How to get the most out of it. This workshop on business analytics will take your procurement activities to the next level!!!

Intensive Workshop on November 17th, 2017

In today’s business environment, “Procurement” is an important business function emphasized by management level as it is a strategic point that helps reduce the operating cost and enhance product value for organization. To efficient and effectively manage the procurement function depends on 3 factors including.

First, “Procurement Strategy”, as normally an organization purchases variety of goods and services while the organization has a limited resources including time, budget and manpower. Therefore, organization should analyze the characteristic of goods and service in order to know how much important each goods or service for organization in term of expenditure and supply risk before deploy purchasing strategy plan through “Supply Positioning Model Concept”. Moreover, organization must analyze how a supplier perceives our organization through “Supplier Perception Model”. Once organization understands this element, organization can manage procurement function efficiently and effectively than previously.

Next, understanding criteria and tools for screening a qualified supplier in term of product quality, reasonable cost and after sell service to ensure good quality product and enhance organization competiveness in the market.

Finally, organization must know how to design appropriate procurement regulation and working procedure which has concise and practically content as it will be a guideline for procurement activities and transparent in the view of all stakeholder in procurement process. The example cases including Authority table design, Writing Term of Reference (TOR) will be presented for apply. Data is the lifeblood of procurement — which is why it’s crucial that you know how to get the most out of it. This workshop on business analytics will take your procurement activities to the next level and will cover essential concepts and best practices in cost analysis!!!

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>> To understand how to classify products and services into category before deploy appropriate procurement strategy through “Supply Positioning Model” and “Supplier Perception Model” >> To know criteria and tools for supplier selection process to make sure that supplier selection process is transparent and concrete. >> To understand how to design the procurement regulation. >> To share knowledge and experience among participants in the class. >> Build your understanding of the procurement process and the tools that are used. >> This intensive workshop explores the procurement process and the ways that value can be created, shared and/or destroyed throughout the end-to-end process. >> Increased confidence and appreciation of the difference between transactional purchasing and contemporary procurement practices. >> More effective understanding of the tools used by professional procurement practitioners. >> Lowers the likelihood of the procurement process being impacted by supplier attempts to undermine effective procurement practices.


This training course has been specially designed for Presidents, Vice Presidents, Chief Procurement Officers, Directors, Division Heads, Managers and Specialists of:

  • Procurement

  • Purchasing

  • Sourcing

  • Materials Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics

  • Operations

  • IT

  • Merchandising

  • Contracting


MR. SOMKIAT U-PRIRIYASAKUL Specialist in Procurement Analysis & Supply Chain Management

Somkiat U-Piriyasakul having 9-year working experience, from Leading Organization in Thailand, in various procurement jobs including direct material procurement (local and oversea), indirect material procurement, cost reduction, purchasing risk management, budget and etc. Also, he is one of the experiences Strategic Procurement, Criteria and Tools for Supplier Selection, Total Cost of Ownership Concept, Cost Reduction and Procurement Risk Management, Procurement Rule and Regulation Deployment and working as a guest speaker for many companies.

Somkiat U-Piriyasakul graduated Master Degree in Supply Chain Management major in Supply Management from Assumption University and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration major in general Management.

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