Overseas Investment BOI Promotion, efficient income repatriation to THAILAND, update tax law in THAILAND and tax issues and practical aspects for successful investment!!!

Conference on November 29th - 30th, 2017

Issues related to international tax reforms. Strengthening tax systems has emerged as a key development priority for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is recognized that strong tax systems are key for enhancing state building and international tax reforms are integral to domestic tax system development.

The principal tax law in Thailand is the Revenue Code, which governs according to the market price of the goods on the date of export, excluding freight and of tax to be withheld depends on the category of income and the tax status of at present, the BOI, in its attempts to urbanize the country.

Today, the integration of ASEAN has an impact on tax issues and investment policies. To Keep abreast of the latest tax issues and policies in Thailand & countries to enhance competitiveness and managing tax risks for AEC integration including tax planning in the current tax year and in recognition policy, investment in current law. With the changing international tax landscape, the reassessment of tax policy among ASEAN member countries has received increasing attention. The issue of corporate tax avoidance has gained prominence, and new initiatives have been started to tackle international tax issues, including the automatic exchange of information the pursuit of foreign direct investment to boost national economies and employment have amplified tax competition. The lack of harmonization and coordination on tax incentives among ASEAN member governments has only intensified the race to the bottom, at the expense of revenue in the region. As a result of the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the ASEAN region is set to see a freer movement of goods, services, investment, skilled labor and capital among its member countries. We will need to make sure that all relevant regional regulatory frameworks, including the area of regional tax integration arrangements, will be sufficiently suitable and appropriate for facilitating the single market and other regional economic goals. Current information on the adjustment of the Thai Tax system according to OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Learn and respond more to Thai taxpayers and international investors. Opportunity to adjust to investment in accordance with new measures of international taxes!!!

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  • BOI: Government Supports And Oversees Investment Boi Promotion, Efficient Income Repatriation To Thailand.

  • Updates On Tax Issues & Compare Various Aspects Of Thailand Tax System.

  • Practical Approaches: Key Corporate Tax Planning Considerations And Strategies.

  • Practical Approaches: Latest Tax Issues And Practical Aspects For Successful Investment In Thailand.

  • Current Issues In Cross Border Investment Funds.

  • Recent Thai Customs Updates And Trends Impacting On International Investors.

  • Case Study: Tax Implications Of M&A Transactions .

  • Tax Planning & Risk Management For Inbound Investment.

  • Dealing With IP In Mergers & Acquisitions And Joint Ventures.


This conference has been specially designed for: MDs, GMs. CEOs, CFOs, Finance Directors and Heads of;

  • Accounting Directors/Managers

  • Regional Tax Managers/Tax Managers

  • Finance & Administration Managers

  • Tax Executives/Managers

  • Tax Compliance/ Business Control Officers

  • Auditors/Lawyers/Corporate Counselors

  • Other Professional Advisors looking to update their knowledge and experiences

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