Poor relationships in the workplace can be detrimental to the health of your business. Here's how to improve interactions with employees!!! Great opportunities for managers and other employees to strengthen their bonds with one another on a business level, lowering the risk of conflict over a misunderstanding!!!

Intensive Workshop on December 7th - 8th, 2017

Poor relationships with co-workers and management can cause many people to dread going to work each day. A recent study shows this dread is probably happening more than most people may realize.

On employee engagement and organizational culture, nearly half of all employees surveyed indicated they were dissatisfied with their direct supervisors. This friction between management and staff not only manifests itself in poor attitudes and morale, it can have a deleterious effect on a company’s productivity and revenue.

Managers and employees alike have a multitude of options available that can help them work together harmoniously to improve their mood and performance. It all starts with willingness on the part of senior executives and business owners to address the problems and resolve to improve interactions between supervisors and subordinates. Creating and sustaining a positive work environment is a core responsibility of HR. Through proactive initiatives, HR practitioners can guide managers and work with employees on addressing employee issues and concerns. This highly interactive workshop delivers a practice-based approach for managing employee relations within your organization. Applying realistic and common workplace challenges, this two-day workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills and includes big jobs to deal with unions!!

HR Management Skills For New HR Assistants


  • Incorporate employee relations competencies and techniques.

  • Identify and learn how to address employee concerns.

  • Practice coaching, counseling, and progressive discipline strategies.

  • Demonstrate effective communication.

  • Distinguish theoretical approaches to the understanding of Employee Relations including unitary and pluralistic approaches and the application of such approaches to the Employee Relations systems operating in the United Kingdom and another country.

  • Understand the development of Employee Relations in United Kingdom and the perspectives and objectives of the various parties to the employment relationship.

  • Appreciate issues of trade union recognition, de-recognition, union avoidance and substitution.

  • Recognize methods of accommodating employee interests including participation and involvement techniques and employee voice.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis identify assumptions and evaluate statements.

  • Define terms correctly and generalize appropriately.

  • Overcome the complexities of enterprise bargaining.

  • Learn innovative best practice approaches to topical Industrial Relations issues.


Human Resources; Director, GM, Advisor, Consultant, Officer, Manager, Business Partner

  • Senior HR Professionals who need to know what’s next in workplace law & legislation seeking to successfully position their organizations

  • HR professionals seeking practicable, actionable guidance on workplace management

  • HR managers seeking to build compliant organizations and manage risk.

  • HR practitioners who want to hear from leaders and legislators on how workplace law affects them

  • People and culture

  • Workplace relations

  • Employee relations

  • General manager

HR professionals who have recently acquired responsibility for employee relations in their organizations, Also, HR professionals who are new to the employee relations area, have had limited employee relations responsibilities, or have assumed this function in addition to other duties.


Ms. Passamon Pranutnorapal GLD Training & Consulting High Vision Expert


  • National Institute of Development Administration ( NIDA ) Master of Public Administration ( Human Resource Management )

  • Srinakarintharaviroj University Bangkok Bachelor of Education

Government section: Ministry of labor 11 years

  • Employee Relations Department

  • Employee Relations Committee office

  • Employment Department

  • Training & Development Department

  • Labor Provincial office (PATTANI & SAMUDSAKORN)

Private Sector 30 years with 7 companies:

  • Bata shoes (Thailand): as Industrial & Human Resource Manager, handle employee relations & Personnel factory.

  • CP - All Public Company: as General Manager handle HR Department, create & set up CP All’s norm ( ) and student’s employment.

  • Syntech Construction Public Company: as HR Director, transform high - rise building & Knowledge skills to Syntech‘s Thai staff.

  • BOA BANK (UOB) as Senior Vice President of HR Development, handle HR Development of the first Bank ‘s Organization transformation 4 years.

  • Thai Glass Public Company (BJC): as HR director, handle HR department which are focused to review HRW & HRD system, TQM project to increase efficiency of production with cooperation with Union. Career Planning & Succession Planning programs for future & organization’s expansion.

  • Grampion Food Company: as HR Director, Set up company’s standard as UK mother company.

  • Nanyang Textile Company: as Assistant Managing Director, handle HR , Quality Assurance & 2 factories to set up HR Management, Quality Assurance & Production standard to comply with Code of conduct which customer are required.


  • Sikarin Hospital to build team Spirit, train & develop staff in sale skills, Tele-Marketing, Service excellence.

  • Srisakate Business Administrative college advise to all teacher for teaching technique and learning material‘s supporting.

  • Danceman Co., Ltd, Create& Set up Headcount ratio to control labor cost and review HR Management.

  • Forth Public Company, Re- structure factory, re- organization, re- salary structure, re- production process, review sale & performance and train & develop all staff to enhance knowledge & skills to meet competency level.

Strength & Specific Task

Most of the experience are directed concerned about Organization Transformations and Employee transformation as the company expectation with timeline.

  • Skill & Knowledge of labor Acts with comprehensive explanation to all concerned to understanding.

  • Motivation & Convincing skills which are increased to Employee Relations with individuals & all part of organization.

  • Understand fundamental of Business Structure: organization, work process with line & Supporting function’s standard, HR management, Labor cost and performance.

  • Understand & skills company performance and skills to know how to choose the way to improve.

  • Facilitator skills to coach & guide to all concerned who are related to organization.

  • Skills to share experience & lead the team to go along with “ CHANG PROGRAME”

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