Intensive Workshop on April 19th - 20th, 2018

Today, unlike any other time in history, that asset is filled with generational diversity. Do you have a diverse multigenerational workforce? And what does this mean for your organization?

Are the initiatives for your team broad enough to address the priorities of all generations?

As more people are retiring at a later age, it’s not unusual for today’s workplace to have four generations and age spectrums working together. And because each generation has its own expectations, priorities, approach and communication styles - the differences can spell conflicts that are detrimental to an organization’s performance. Having said that, if managed effectively, a multigenerational workforce can create synergy and add value to your organization.

While the diversity of the generations provide a unique opportunity for exponential growth, as employees in the various age groups are motivated by different things, organizations need to make a concerted effort to maximize the expertise and qualities that they bring to the organization.

For leaders and managers who are juggling the competing demands of the different generations while keeping them motivated and productive, Managing A Multigenerational Workforce is a course designed to provide you with expert insights and tools to enable you to develop strategies for managing and retaining talent across the generations. You will come away from the course with renewed ideas and strategies to optimize the talents of each generation whilst leveraging on the strengths of each generation and tapping into a wider range of creative ideas over the long term.

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce Effective Workshop 2018


  • Identify characteristics, behaviours, assets & liabilities of each generation.

  • Leading and Motivating the Four Generations at Work.

  • Develop strategies for managing and motivating multigenerational staff.

  • Creates linked practical strategies for optimize staff retention and productivity.

  • Familiarize yourself with real-life challenges that HR assistants face today.

  • Learn to be discerning in making recruitment decisions.

  • Polish your relationship management skills when dealing with clients and agencies.

  • Plan and manage the transition from 3 to 4 week annual holidays.

  • Gain confidence in conducting disciplinary procedures.


  • Demographic Market forces demanding Workplace change.

  • Characteristics and Behaviours of each Generation.

  • Understanding their Core Values, Needs and Motivating Factors.

  • Generational Impacts in the Workplace.

  • Overcoming Generational Differences and Embracing the Multi-Generational Workforce.

  • Diversity as a Driver of Innovation.

  • Understanding Employee Engagement.

  • Creating a Performance Culture.

  • Developing Staff.


Leaders and managers at all levels who are motivated to break down the barriers created by age stereotypes and who want to maximize age diversity and retention.



Chinrinee was a former Senior Office Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”) for 16 years. Chinrinee provides coaching, consulting, lecturing and organizing a workshop to executives in multi-national corporation and the general public. She has extensive experience as a consultant in executive coaching, organization development, positive organization change and transformation, personal and professional development and inner-self development.

Area of emphasis include resilience and well-being to enhance a quality of life, leadership development, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, alignment, team work, conflict management, knowledge management, innovation and transformation. Due to her believe in a life-long learning and her inspiration to initiate a social renewal, she still keep on studying and graduated in Management, Education, Medical, Therapeutic and Health Fields from many Universities and Institutions in Thailand and abroad.

Representative Client Engagements:

Coach a General Manager in HR Solution to enhance her leadership skill, communication and strategic planning for company growth. She finally recruited her new team and extend a scope of work to provide a better solution for her clients.

Coach a young Entrepreneur (3rd generation) in Electronic Industry to become a next successor (CEO) of his family business. He is now able to see the big picture of business and value the difference of his 35 years old organization.

Coach a Managing Director to develop his leadership, training skill and team performance. He is now very successful in his business and become a coach.

Area of Expertise:

  • Appreciate Inquiry

  • Change Management

  • Conflict Management

  • Happy & Healthy Organization

  • Leading Innovation and Change

  • Learning Organization

  • Living Organization

  • Organization Development

  • Positive Psychology

  • 7 Steps to Transform Organization

  • Resilient Leadership

  • Well-being


>> Executive and Professional Coaching | The University of Texas at Dallas >> Critical and Creative Thinking Program in Dialogue Processes (Generative Dialogue) | University of Massachusetts at Boston >> The Foundations of Positive Psychology | The University of Pennsylvania >> MA, Leading Innovation and Change | York St. John University, UK (Continuing Education)

ASSESSMENTS/CERTIFICATIONS: +Appreciate Inquiry +Art Therapist +Authorized Thai Traditional Doctor +MBTI +Music Therapist +Positive Psychology Coach +VIA Character Strength +Wellness Inventory

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION: - Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federal - The Institute of Coaching Professional Association - American Society for Training & Development - American Psychological Association

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