Applying problem solving to help decision making, identify appropriate solutions, use creativity, evaluate Situations and people, predict outcomes, and more.. a result learn how to prepare a better and more successful decision making process by the management team!!!

Intensive Workshop on March 22nd - 23rd, 2017

In the workplace, you’ll need to make decisions and resolve problems frequently and while many of your decisions are not so important, some are potentially life changing so learning how to use effective strategies and tools will help you to make the right decisions at the right time.

PROBLEM SOLVING, DECISION MAKING AND BUSINESS CASE DEVELOPMENT FOR LEADER WORKSHOP provides you with skills such as problem solving techniques and models, organizing methods, ways to conduct research, and identifying options to achieve accurate decision-making and problem solving.

Correct and timely decision-making can be done using specific techniques and enhanced knowledge of the self and situations during this decision making.

Training Course, participants receive training in applying problem solving to help decision making, identify appropriate solutions, use creativity, evaluate situations and people, predict outcomes, and more. Having a process to work through can take the anxiety out of problem-solving and make decision-making easier.

Making effective decisions can be challenging, especially in technical areas. Developing a business case to support your choice of decision can be even more challenging and often involves convincing people who may not share your technical background. You are looking for a structured and easy to apply approach to problems and as a result learn how to prepare a better and more successful decision making process by the management team.

This course will teach you best practice techniques for making decisions, whether strategically planned or unexpected ad hoc decisions!!!

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Learning Outcomes - Problem Solving and Decision Making Training Course:

This short and dynamic training course is the fastest way to develop skills in effective decision making so that goals can be reached on time every time.

After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

  • Move successfully from a technical expert to manager.

  • How to analyses options and make optimal planned decisions.

  • How to develop a business case to support a decision or idea.

  • Uncover ways to document your business case to enhance its success.

  • Balancing the technical, organizational and management roles and skills.

  • The psychological and behavioral break required to become a boss.

  • A quick review of the people skills that will ease your transition to manager.

  • Develop your own communication style.

  • Learn to focus on the outcome, not the behavior.

  • Motivate your staff for increased performance.

  • Handle difficult people and behavior.

  • Developing negotiation skills.

  • Be able to communicate technical ideas verbally.

  • How to write more readable technical and business documents.

  • Understand the broader perspective of problem solving and decision making.

  • Identify problems to solve.

  • Find the real causes of the problem.

  • Generate the best to-the-point solutions in a structured way.

  • Prepare a clear decision making process based on business case.

  • Implement the solution in an effective way and monitor the results.

  • Apply problem-solving steps and tools.

  • Analyst information to clearly describe problems.

  • Identify appropriate solutions.

  • Think creatively and be a contributing member of a problem-solving team.

  • Select the best approach for making decisions.

  • Create a plan for implementing, evaluating, and following up on decisions.

  • Avoid common decision-making mistakes.

  • Understand problem-solving.

  • Make correct and timely decisions.

  • Use problem-solving model and toolkit.

  • Use SWOT Analysis.

  • Make good group decisions.

  • Analyst and select solutions.

  • Plan and organize.

Who Should Attend?

  • All professionals involved in problems solving within maintenance, engineering and production.

  • Anyone who wishes to update themselves on problem solving and decision making, judge the suitability of these technologies for their needs, and learn how to implement them for the benefit of their organizations.


MR. ISSRA SIVAKUL Consultant and Personal Coaching Former Vice President & General Manager, STATS ChipPAC Limited Singapore. Former Vice President & General Manager, HANA Microelectronics PCL (Thailand).

Over 35 extensive years of experience worldwide in both domestic and international electronic components leading companies such as:

  • STATS ChipPAC (SCL), Singapore

  • Cypress Semiconductor, USA

  • Dallah Avco, Saudi Arabia

  • HANA Microelectronics PCL, Thailand

  • Micropolis, Thailand

  • Minebea, Thailand

  • AMD, Thailand

  • Phillips (Signetic) Semiconductor, Thailand

Issra Sivakul served important key positions as Operation Director, Quality Director, Engineering Director, General Manager and Vice President. He highly achieved high performance organization (HPO) with manufacturing excellent program using advance technical tools and techniques i.e. BSC, PSDM for a higher results in proficiency and productivity as well as minimizing operations cost and being able to sustain key performers in the organization with effective career path development program (CPDP).

He used to operate and shut down the plant in Malaysia (SCL) within 2 years with mixed cultures of the employees namely Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Filipino. Regardless of the diversity, there was no employee moral issue. During his watch, the operation continued to run smoothly and there were no major operational problem. The plant was able to support all of the major customers’ satisfaction until the last day of operation. Major products and employees were transferred to sister plants and other companies successfully.

He can also do very well in expanding the operations (BU), relocating products and production lines among Thailand and overseas. He is one of the experts in leadership training and is invited to share his expertise in many business circulars.

Issra Sivakul graduated with a diploma in engineering from USA, bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from KMITNB, certificate of CFO from Federation of Accounting Professions. He was also a SASIN MM (EMBA) alumnus.

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