Helping us redefine our HR Service Delivery strategy, re-engineer our processes and 'stand-up' our HR service and reduce costs significantly while improving service!!

Intensive Workshop on January 18th - 19th, 2018

The last decade of HR transformations have largely focused on HR processes and HR organization structures but rarely delivered the expected outcomes.

This HR development program is designed to transform the level of HR capability. It is intended for HR practitioners with functional knowledge appropriate to their level. We work with HR leaders across levels and specializations to focus on how to take their HR functional specialty and transform their impact by developing business and consulting mindsets and toolkits. We also develop their personal gravitas to enable HR leaders to effectively leverage their new knowledge, insights with credibility and skill.

HR Transformation is about making strategic decisions and changes to improve and drive organizational performance. The Leading Strategic HR Transformation workshop is imperative if you are leading and delivering organizational change projects. This highly practical and interactive course will help prepare you for dealing with fast-paced change initiatives within organizations.

Through group discussions you will tap into your own and other participants’ experiences to inform current change initiatives. You will gain specialist knowledge to express a business case, along with vision, milestones, measures and planning. You will also acquire the skills to coach, influence and gain buy-in from key people and cope with resistance.

Our workplace is changing fast and we need to be prepared for the future. Four out of five Fortune 500 organizations are already transforming their Human Resources (HR) function in response to the shifts in global economic restructuring, workforce demographics and technology innovation. Southeast Asia is experiencing unprecedented rapid growth, and the HR function is now even more critical in deploying effective people management strategies.

However, it is important to understand that ‘HR Transformation’ is not really about HR. Although HR is the focus, the outcome is really about improving People Management in organizations. As HR is at the center of workforce, productivity and human beings, ‘HR Transformation’ is essentially about “Workforce Transformation”.

The potential benefits of transforming HR are significant; we now have better use of data that can make predictions about your current and future workforce, identify and develop your talent and increase productivity. To achieve this, HR itself needs to have the right capabilities in place, this means identifying the right skills, aligning this within the organization, and implementing the most effective processes, policies and technology.

“Get some facts and make the case for change. Create a Vision. Make a Plan. Deliver“

Gain insight from the best practice strategies, learn essential tips from a leading expert, and find out the latest industry approach. What is different about this course is we provide proven transformation blueprints from real HR case studies we have delivered to equip you with effective tools and techniques that work.

HR Management Skills For New HR Assistants


From this workshop you will be able to:

  • Learn and apply the foundation principles and methods of HR Transformation.

  • Learn and evaluate how to align business strategy with HR strategy to add value to the business from real case studies.

  • Learn how other organizations have established successful HR Transformation programmes and the lessons learned.

  • Learn about typical HRT Roadmaps from organizations that have successfully transformed HR.

  • Learn how to develop a winning Vision for your HR function and see examples from other organizations.

  • Learn about trends in HR Operating Models that will ensure your HR function is fit for the future.

  • Learn how to conduct an assessment of your HR function within your organization.

  • Learn how to create a more effective HR team with higher engagement.

  • Learn how to streamline processes, reduce costs, improve services levels, increase stakeholder value, enhance employee and customer loyalty.

  • Overcome people-related and change management related challenges when planning and executing HR transformation.

  • Learn about the high level benefits and risks of HR Outsourcing.

  • Leverage our exclusive Consultant’s Toolkit only available to delegate attending this course.


This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All HR Staff and HR Practitioners

  • HR/Personnel Managers

  • Planners, Strategic Planners

  • HR Business Partners

  • Employee Engagement

  • Leadership Development

  • Learning & Development

  • Organization Design & Development

  • Chang Management

  • Anyone who needs to understand HR strategy

This course is aimed at those who are planning to transform their HR function, or those that are in the process of transforming HR.

This workshop is specially designed for senior and board level business leaders, HR leaders, Organizational Development Professionals, HR & Project Managers, HR Business Partners, HR Transformers or Change Agents.


Ms. Passamon Pranutnorapal GLD Training & Consulting High Vision Expert


  • National Institute of Development Administration ( NIDA ) Master of Public Administration ( Human Resource Management )

  • Srinakarintharaviroj University Bangkok Bachelor of Education

Government section: Ministry of labor 11 years

  • Employee Relations Department

  • Employee Relations Committee office

  • Employment Department

  • Training & Development Department

  • Labor Provincial office (PATTANI & SAMUDSAKORN)

Private Sector 30 years with 7 companies:

  • Bata shoes (Thailand): as Industrial & Human Resource Manager, handle employee relations & Personnel factory.

  • CP - All Public Company: as General Manager handle HR Department, create & set up CP All’s norm ( ) and student’s employment.

  • Syntech Construction Public Company: as HR Director, transform high - rise building & Knowledge skills to Syntech‘s Thai staff.

  • BOA BANK (UOB) as Senior Vice President of HR Development, handle HR Development of the first Bank ‘s Organization transformation 4 years.

  • Thai Glass Public Company (BJC): as HR director, handle HR department which are focused to review HRW & HRD system, TQM project to increase efficiency of production with cooperation with Union. Career Planning & Succession Planning programs for future & organization’s expansion.

  • Grampion Food Company: as HR Director, Set up company’s standard as UK mother company.

  • Nanyang Textile Company: as Assistant Managing Director, handle HR , Quality Assurance & 2 factories to set up HR Management, Quality Assurance & Production standard to comply with Code of conduct which customer are required.


  • Sikarin Hospital to build team Spirit, train & develop staff in sale skills, Tele-Marketing, Service excellence.

  • Srisakate Business Administrative college advise to all teacher for teaching technique and learning material‘s supporting.

  • Danceman Co., Ltd, Create& Set up Headcount ratio to control labor cost and review HR Management.

  • Forth Public Company, Re- structure factory, re- organization, re- salary structure, re- production process, review sale & performance and train & develop all staff to enhance knowledge & skills to meet competency level


Most of the experience are directed concerned about Organization Transformations and Employee transformation as the company expectation with timeline.

  • Skill & Knowledge of labor Acts with comprehensive explanation to all concerned to understanding.

  • Motivation & Convincing skills which are increased to Employee Relations with individuals & all part of organization.

  • Understand fundamental of Business Structure: organization, work process with line & Supporting function’s standard, HR management, Labor cost and performance.

  • Understand & skills company performance and skills to know how to choose the way to improve.

  • Facilitator skills to coach & guide to all concerned who are related to organization.

  • Skills to share experience & lead the team to go along with “ CHANG PROGRAME”

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