"Challenges, opportunities and winning strategies to stay ahead and remain successful in a highly competitive industry!!"

Conference on May 24th - 25th, 2018

Beverage manufacturers continue to devote considerable efforts into efficient warehousing and transportation. An effective and strategic distribution channel is crucial for many manufacturers and can enable F&B companies to reduce cost and risk and Sustainable packaging is no longer a want for food and beverage manufacturers, it is essential. To stay competitive in the current market and to thrive in the future, food and beverage companies must become engaged in sustainable packaging.

Regulatory compliance is at the forefront of the food industry. There is no doubt on the great challenge that food & beverage companies undertake in terms of keeping up with recent standards and regulations. Recent regulations such as GHS and FSMA can be complicated and intricate to understand and implement into current operations.

The beverage industry in the region is investing in more resources over. lead to liberalization of almost all industries, including food & beverages, and will also allow free flow of labor and workforce, zero tax, etc.

With beverage production being one of the key markets and Thailand being the strategic hub of the region which executives will gain knowledge and insights from industry professionals who have either shaped the current beverage industry in Thai and AEC markets or are creating new paths within the industry.

This conference designed for leaders and innovators in the Beverages industry. As consumers keep pushing towards trends like clear labeling, plant-based products and healthy options, it has become pivotal for food companies to stay-up to-date, innovate, and develop products that will keep up with the ever-changing landscape. In this track leaders will discuss challenges, opportunities and winning strategies to stay ahead and remain successful in a highly competitive industry!!!

Beverage Market for THAILAND & AEC SUMMIT 2018


  • FDA Regulatory Updates and Guidelines for The Beverage Industry: Recent developments & future directions.

  • Beverage Industry in AEC: Exploring Trends, Challenges & Developments.

  • Customs and Excise Tax Update for Beverage in the Upcoming AEC.

  • Beverage Packaging Trends in Emerging Market & Packaging Challenges.

  • Functional Beverages Trends 2018.

  • Consumer Trends and Brand Innovations in Beverage Industry.

  • Beverage Market and Implications for Thailand & AEC.

  • Branding for Beverage Market.

  • Trends and Future Growth of Functional Herbal Beverages & NPD 2018.


This conference has been developed for Key Decision-Makers and Senior Management including: Presidents, CEOs, MDs GMs, Regional Directors/Managers, Country Heads, Directors/Managers in Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Distribution, R&D, Commercial, Merchandising & Category, Logistics & Supply Chain, Advertising & PR, Market Research & Strategic Planning. All those committed to driving growth in the promising beverage industry in Thailand within these organizations:

* Producers * Bottlers * Distributors * Retailers * Beverage Packaging Suppliers * Beverage Ingredient Suppliers * Logistics & Supply Chain Providers * Advertising & PR Agencies * Market Research/ Consumer Research Providers

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