"Developing performance management and quality assurance strategies in aligning with business continuity and corporate security plan, business continuity as a driver of business process improvements, industry exercising: How can firms test what they can really do?"

Conference on March 22nd - 23rd, 2018

Business Resilience is the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations. Business resilience planning provides guidance for ensuring the ability to respond, resume, and restore to a pre-determined level of operation following a disruption for resilience through comprehensive planning that takes a holistic and long-term view of the threats and their individual enterprise in order to ensure that the business is prepared to avoid, mitigate, and recover from adverse events.

Today’s risks are complex. Interconnected supply chains, customer and shareholder expectations, evolving technology and regulatory compliance all need to be managed to achieve the best outcomes. This makes risk management planning, implementation and communication increasingly necessary skills for all organizations. Organizational longevity still holds a top slot on business agendas nationwide. The terrain is rough and to negotiate it, your business needs to be fit. Economic and political uncertainty, fluctuating commodity prices, skill shortages, cyber-crime and security concerns impact the external risk environment and continue to be volatile. Internally, organizations are grappling with issues of culture, behavior, ethics, incentives and performance. Risk leaders need to stay in shape to tackle the risks in order to help their organizations exploit the opportunities that uncertain times bring. Key themes throughout the day included embedding a risk culture and growing risk capacity within an organization, regulatory issues, cyber risk and gaining top level buy in and support. In our fast-paced world, the risks we have to manage evolve quickly. We need to make sure we manage risks so that we minimize their threats and maximize their potential; Developing performance metrics, management and quality assurance strategies in aligning with business continuity and corporate security plan, Business continuity as a driver of business process improvements, Industry exercising: how can firms test what they can really do?, Weighing out the benefits and costs of upgrading technology versus replacing legacy systems, Is there such as thing as too much recovery? Any one of these events is sure to equip you with valuable knowledge, skills, and best practices. If you’re seeking guidance in determining the right level of availability protection for the most resilient infrastructure possible, this one-day conference is designed for you!!

Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning For Business Resilience Conference 2018


  • Developments in Risk Management today.

  • Defining terms and understanding the importance of resilience.

  • Growing significance and potential of Risk Analytics as well as the importance of risk modeling.

  • You will learn how to maximize the potential of Enterprise Risk Management and to align this with your organizations overall strategy.

  • Driving growth through innovative and holistic approaches to Risk Management.

  • Recognizing the importance of tailoring your Risk Program to your specific organization.

  • Incorporating this into the wider business.

  • Cyber, Technology, Media and Privacy Risk Management and Protection & Regulation Issues in Information Security.

  • Mitigating Risk in a Cloud Environment.

  • Successful BCP Strategies through Operational Excellence & Effective IT Continuity.

  • Building Supply Chain Risk Management & Operations in Business Continuity Planning f& Management.

  • Developing BCM Framework.

  • Empowering Business Continuity Planning & Management through Reputation & Crisis Communication Strategies.

  • Planning & Continuity & Resilience Planning.

  • Emergency Preparedness Culture and Implement Crisis Simulations.

  • Strategic tools for identifying and self-assessing company’s risks.

  • Integrating people and business process to dramatically improve business performance and reduce risks.

  • Retrenchment, downsizing and risk management of the business.


If your job role includes the following responsibilities then this is a MUST attend event; CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Assistant Managers, Heads and Chiefs from the following function: Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Contingency Planning, Risk Management, Operations, Supply Chain Management, Disaster Recovery, IT Continuity Management, Corporate Security, Business Strategy, Safety, Health & Environment, Corporate Affairs, Public Relations, Corporate Communications

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