Technical and creative skills to generate and evaluate at an abstract level complex ideas and concepts relevant to cross-border commercial transactions and specialized types of contracts!!!

Intensive Workshop on May 31st - June 1st, 2018

Explore the advanced skills and practices to enhance performance in contract development and management. Enable participants to practice and develop their contract management skills. Help participants to begin immediate implementation of the steps needed to create maximum total value for their organization.

This practical two-day workshop provides training and “hands-on” experience in the commercial contracts. It is intended for lawyers and commercial managers who already understand the basic principles of contract drafting, have at least two or more years’ experience of contract drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, and wish to take their drafting skills to an advanced level. Analyze issues in a range of specialized contracts, agreements, license agreements, finance agreements, and/or construction contracts, with an emphasis on practical drafting techniques.

They will also examine contemporary issues in contract law, such as recent developments in the rule relating to penalties, and treatment of dispute resolution clauses.

These will also provide the background to the current shape of contract law and its application in practice, as well as a providing a basis for critical analysis of the law. Strengthen your knowledge of complex contractual terms including indemnities, warranties and exclusion clauses. Refresh your knowledge of the law surrounding breach, termination and liquidated damages, enabling you to draft tighter provisions and ensure greater protection for your stakeholders, Warranties, representations and entire agreement clauses. Liability risk protection including indemnities, exclusion and limitation of liability clauses. Remedial clauses and damages. Force majeure. Termination You will leave with the updated knowledge, confidence and familiarity with contracts required to tackle the most important aspects of commercial contract law.

Advanced Commercial Contracts

Why you should attend ?

  • Administer commercial contracts to boost your performance and profitability.

  • Gain practical insights into advanced contract drafting.

  • Analyze and understand the risks and measures of mitigation.

  • Define performance terms to guarantee effective delivery and minimize costs.

  • Avoid common contractual pitfalls.

  • Practice exercises: Examples of Clauses and its implication with drafting exercise.

  • Understanding the contract.

  • Select appropriate type and form of contracts for different situations.

  • Understand the legal framework in which contract management takes place.

  • Understand the contract complexities that need managing.

  • Integrate contract management with contract needs.

  • Understand the best means of handling claims, disputes and performance issues.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Head-Contract Administration and Management

  • Head of Legal

  • Corporate Legal Counsel

  • General Counsel

  • Chief Counsel

  • Regional Counsel

  • Legal Managers

  • Corporate Legal Advisors

  • Company Secretaries

  • Senior Legal Practitioners

  • Legal Consultants

  • Lawyers


Mr. Wasantachai Watanavongvisudhi Partner, International Legal Counsellors Thailand​ "How can a business protect itself against employees working for the competition?"

Professional Qualifications: - LL.B.(Hons)-Ramkhamhaeng University (1979) - LL.M.(Business Law)- Thammasat University (1987) - Diploma in Business Shipping- Chulalongkorn University (1985) - Diploma in U.S. Business Law, Legal Institute, Michigan University, U.S.A.(1999) - Graduate Diploma in Business Law, Thammasat University (2007) Professional Experience:

>> Over 30 years of experience in practice area of labor laws. He is a litigation partners dealing with various cases of labor disputes. He has successfully represented clients in many cases before the Central Labor Court of Thailand. His current position is a litigation partner and Expert on Labor Law, Litigation and Labor Department of International Legal Counsellors Thailand Ltd. He obtained LL.B. (Hons), Diploma in U.S. Business Law, Michigan campus and also LL.M. (Business Law) from Thammasat University, etc.

>> Expertise in Labor litigation cases in various Labor Courts of Thailand.

>> The expertise include the cases relating to dispute on unfair termination, labor claim, and labor dispute with the Labor Unions etc.

Other Activities:

++ Law Lecturer (Visiting Instructor) on Labor Law, Siam University ++ Committee of Foreign Affair, Lawyers Council of Thailand (2013-Present) ++ Committee of Disciplinare Investigation, Lawyers Council of Thailand (2011) ++ Committee of Foreign Affair, Law Society (1989)

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