“How to leverage on social media and new technology to communicate with stakeholders during each crisis stage and avoid the potential social blunders one may make in the social media platform!!”

Conference on June 21st - 22nd, 2018

The proliferation of social media has changed crisis communication silos completely, stakeholders in crisis communication are ever interconnected than before through social media. The emergence of the new communication channels represents both opportunities and risks towards organizations. It helps to promote transparency and prevent communication breakdowns but could also be the root of how crises emerge.

How social media could be used effectively in crisis communication highly depends on the strategy an organization’s have in place. You need to be ready to communicate with your audiences, through the media, as soon as crises occur, and as ass as media are hungry for your input – even if you don’t have all the answers.

The conference is designed to guide participants on how to leverage on social media and new technology to communicate with stakeholders during each crisis stage and avoid the potential social blunders one may make in the social media platform.

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What You Will Learn?

  • How to keep the media and public updated and tuned-in during an extended crisis.

  • What to say when you don’t have all the answers.

  • How to create effective messages that work for television, radio, print and new media.

  • What reporters need – addressing their needs together with your organization’s.

  • How to present complex issues in a way that your audiences will understand.

  • What to say before, during and after a crisis to maintain the confidence of your audiences.

  • How to be an effective spokesperson.

  • Crisis Preparation: Identifying risks, creating a team and rehearsing your approach.

  • Crisis Strategy: Developing and maintaining a crisis communication strategy.

  • Communicating successfully both internally and externally.

  • Right audience, right channels, right time: Delivering clear, consistent and timely communications.

  • Post-crisis: Regaining trust, maintaining a good reputation and evaluating your response.

  • Effectively using social media.

  • Working with the media.

  • What are successful strategies and concepts to manage a crisis?

  • How to handle the media?

  • How to regain reputation after having faced a crisis?

  • How to be proactive and develop the instincts.

  • Identify and manage risks and opportunities so that you can communicate in real time during a crisis.

  • How to strengthen your crisis communication decision making and engage leaders in your organization and community.

  • Responsible for social throughout and successfully delivered critical information during a mass evacuation and effective re-entry plan.

  • Identifying the risks in your organization and community, and how to prepare for these risks.

  • How to effectively communicate with your members.

Course Highlights:

  • Crisis Communications Principles, Priorities & Fundamentals.

  • Communicating to and with the Media.

  • The Role of the Media during a Crisis.

  • Social Media and Emergency Management.

  • The Spokesperson’s Role.

  • Common Mistakes When Dealing with Media.

  • How to Handle an Interview.

Why You Should Attend?

New and returning participants will benefit for emergency communicators and partners. If you are responsible for developing internal or external messaging in crisis situations, this conference is for you and this conference is specially designed for:

*Heads of Crisis Communications

*Heads of Corporate Communications

*Heads of Communications

*Heads of Emergency

*Heads of Safety

*Heads of Correspondence

*Heads of Digital

*Heads of HR

*Heads of Information Governance

*Heads of Internal Communications

*Heads of News

*Heads of Operations

*Heads of PR

*Heads of Security

*Heads of Social Media

*Heads of Strategy

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