“Combating corporate fraud by detecting, preventing and investigating fraud to power up internal control, transparency in business operations and Protecting your organization’s reputation and financial bottom-line!!!”

Conference on July 12th - 13th, 2018

There is a growing worldwide concern over corruption and fraud at the present time and the risks are not going away. Consequently, companies that have been establishing effective anti-fraud programmes are reducing costs, improving profitability, protecting reputation and mitigating liability. It is extremely important to have heightened emphasis on establishing a robust fraud-free business environment in your organization.

In this 2-days Conference you will get the opportunity to learn cutting-edge methodologies of fraud prevention, detection and investigation to achieve a fraud-free environment. Techniques to establish the right kind of internal controls and procedures in place to combat fraud and equip the delegates with effective skills to spot and raise the red flags for the management to take appropriate steps thereby leading to prevention, deterrence and detection of any fraudulent activities in the organization. Through the use of research-based assessment tools, simulations, models and best practices, you will leave the course with instilled confidence and tangible strategies to proper investigate current fraud cases and have all the insight tools to prevent fraud from taking place in your organization.

Corporate Fraud Controls, Detection and Investigation 2018

Key Benefit:

  • Enhancing your capabilities to battle against fraud in your organization by ensuring high standards of skills.

  • through agile commercial crime investigative techniques.

  • Combining efficient prevention methods and timely detection tools to manage corporate fraud effectively.

  • Acquiring the skillful art of interviewing a suspected fraudster.

  • Enhancing your vigilance programmes and strengthening fraud investigation techniques to succeed in the fight against white collar crime.

  • Reviewing the ‘fraud triangle’ to forecast fraud likelihood successfully and be able to incorporate the strategic detection, investigation and control.

You Will Be Able To:

  • Identify some common ways that fraud is detected within companies.

  • Develop a basic investigative policy and create a general plan for dealing with reports of suspected fraud.

  • Assemble a competent fraud investigation team to examine cases of suspected fraud.

  • Know the options for discipline and legal action once a fraud investigation is concluded.

Why You Should Attend?

New and returning participants will benefit to prevent fraud from taking place in your organization, this conference is for you and this conference is specially designed for; Directors, Heads, Managers and officers of:

* Internal Auditors

* Forensic Auditors

* External Auditors

* Forensic Specialists

* Investigators

* Fraud Prevention Managers

* Anti-Corruption Managers

* Financial Controllers

* Accountants

* Administration Managers

* Managers of Corporate Affairs

* Security Managers

* Asset Protection Managers

* Legal Advisors

* Compliance Managers

* Risk Managers

* Loss Control Officers

* Treasurers

* Inspectorate Managers

* Credit Officers

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