Designed for different kinds of sales, avoid monotonous, increase the charm and professional as well as learning the behavior of customers in order to try solving the problems and closing the deal!!!

Intensive Workshop on June 15th, 2018

Many People said that Sales are now difficult and look at the sales career that no one want to be. But if you carefully look up to, sales are happening everywhere around us. Sometime we are not able to realize that we are in selling or we are selling some things to others. Today, the competition on marketing is very intense. Sudden change in innovation (Disruptive Innovation) is more and more active in marketing and sales such as Selling Online Business, CRM System. However, People are still the main element in the Sale process. Today Simple Solution to win the heart of the customer starting from the first step of communication which will lead to the opening and closing of the deal. All processes are purely artistic. It is very necessary to understand the customers’ need and able to analyze the problems and what customers really need.

This Course focuses on the topics and activities that touch on the customer evaluation, 5W2H Theory (Analytic Thinking). While all the answer are sales; whether for human or pets, at the end the one who will decided is the same person, but the pattern of the sales should be differentiated based on each individual. This course is designed for different kinds of sales, avoid monotonous, increase the charm and professional as well as learning the behavior of customers in order to try solving the problems and closing the deal!!

  1. Who? : It is very important to know that who is responsible for. Who are related and Who would be affected?

  2. What? : It is necessary to know that what are we going to do and each person.

  3. Where? : We have to know that where the action or the event take place?

  4. When? : We should know the timeline of the action until the end. When the events will occur?

  5. Why? : We need to know that why we do these things or make that event happen.

  6. How? : We should know how to achieve the goal how to do regarding the specific event.

  7. How Much? : We have to evaluate the monetary expense and the budget.

Money Making with Impressive Personality Workshop

Benefits of the Analysis of 5W2H

  • Understanding the facts, the reasons and the sources of the event

  • To be the knowledge base for further decision making

  • To regain the rational on each event

  • Able to estimate the probability

Do You Know?

+‘Sales are the necessary skill to success in all aspects’

+‘Salesperson will be able to sell if able to understand the customer’s behavior and needs’ ‘No surviving business without sales’

+‘Good on sales will have a comfortable life’

+‘Professional salesperson is able to sell everything’

+‘Good salesperson is sales for the customer benefits of his or herself’

Who is Suitable for this Course?

  • Anyone who starting on Sales

  • Anyone who would like to develop the skill on sales to be a sales manager in the future

Are your Business Facing these Problems?

  • No Sales or gradually decrease

  • Salesperson: unable to communicate with customer, cannot describe the product and close the deal

  • Unclear on relying the arguments

  • Inappropriate Behavior

  • Do Not Know: New Customer

  • Do Not understand in current marketing

What Will You Get?

  • Understanding the overview of business and marketing

  • Salesperson: loves on sales and proud of his/her career

  • Able to increase the sales target and has a skill to close the deal

  • Customer: brand loyalty

  • Growing Business and the progressive staffs


Thanaphat Tammakanyakoon (TK)

Lecturer in Sales, Marketing and Services Chief Executive Officer of Skin Concept (Skin Care Product) Chief Executive Officer of OMC (Thailand) Managing Director of the Master Training Thailand Sales and Marketing Advisor at Sister Spring Clinic and Bangkok Clinic Revolution


  • 2015 - Present North Bangkok University, Thailand Ph.D. Candidate Management Program

  • 2013 - 2015 Stamford International University, Thailand Master of Business Administrator (MBA) in Marketing

  • 2007 - 2009 Edith Cowan University, Australia Business Development Certificate Program Marketing Management

  • 2004 - 2007 Suan Dusit University, Thailand Bachelor of Public Relations


  • United Overseas Bank - Business Development Manager (Privilege Banking)

  • Citibank N.A - Personal Banker Manager

  • Asia Plus Securuties - Business Development Manager, Wealth Management

  • Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) - Personal Banker

Our Trainer:

Thanaphat Tammakanyakoon (TK) will be your advisor and will recommend everyone to improve your charming image and personality. He is experienced in services, sales, hosting and lecturing more than 12 years. He is also the Image Coach, Professional Image Advisor and is currently studying for a PhD and working on a research project on ‘the influencing factors on the behavior in the emotional expression of Thai adolescents’.

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