This requires them to lead the entire supply chain and to transform the strategic contribution of procurement!! Strategic sourcing as a value creator and consider it to be integral to their overall strategies for growth…

Intensive Workshop on July 19th - 20th, 2018

As global competition increases pressure for resources and funds, fostering leadership in procurement professionals across all levels is more important than ever.

This course focus on procurement leadership tools, where delegates will learn to drive procurement-focused agendas and set best practice examples within their respective organizations. The course would be of interest to all procurement professionals who wish to develop an understanding of the latest strategic procurement practices and about the operational and strategic role played by supply management, both within the organization, and across the supply chain.

While continually looking for solutions to manage costs, sourcing and supplier management evaluates suppliers with regard to the best value that emphasis on quality, total cost, delivery, innovation and management to meet requirements. Suppliers are evaluated on their abilities to meet the following criteria.

Supplier evaluation refers to the process of evaluating and approving potential suppliers by quantitative assessment. The purpose of supplier evaluation is to ensure a portfolio of the best in class suppliers that available for use. Supplier evaluation also refers to a process applied to current suppliers in order to measure and monitor their performance for the purposes of reducing costs, mitigating risk and driving continuous improvement.

Advanced Train The Trainer


This course is a workshop approach that aim to develop the skills set and application to procurement professional of PTT Public Company Limited to understand Strategic Souring Process:

>> Develop sourcing strategy for category. >> Identify potential suppliers. >> Develop evaluation criteria. >> Screen & selection suppliers. >> Negotiation Strategy. >> Integrate supplier / contractor into AVL.

>> Apply best practices and lessons learned in strategic sourcing efforts. >> Strategic Sourcing: Critical Elements & Keys to Success. >> Strategic Sourcing as compared with tactical or transactional sourcing. >> The importance of Strategic Sourcing. >> The transition process from tactical to strategic sourcing. >> Where e-Procurement fits with Strategic Sourcing.

By the end of this training seminar, participants will be able to:

*** Develop a strategic sourcing strategy that achieves tangible results. *** Implement the strategic sourcing strategy to maximize total cost savings. *** Assess and prioritize opportunities for savings. *** Establish processes to manage performance of the strategic sourcing contract. *** Apply best practices and lessons learned in strategic sourcing efforts.


This training seminar is designed for procurement professionals who need to understand the strategic sourcing process in order to participate on a strategic sourcing acquisition team:

  • Procurement Officers

  • Contracting Officers

  • Supply Chain Professionals

  • Program managers

Those who are involved in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of purchasing, tenders, contracts that cover the acquisition of materials, equipment, and services.


MR. TEERAPORN CHALERMSIRI Business Development Analyst, Specialist in Procurement analysis & Supply Chain Management

PTT Public Company Limited

He has extensive working experience in the supply chain management at PTT PCL. most of it focused on procurement analysis and supplier chain management. His work provides a useful link between academic and business practices that can contribute to the academic institutions.

Teerapon Chalermsiri has 8 years of working experiences in Thai industrial sector. As a specialist in supply chain management, He has attended many interesting courses and He has received a certificate from Training CIPS (UK). In 2009, project team has received the winner award from PTT PLC. with the project title Strategic Sourcing” as this project provides the solution of purchasing cost cutting for PTT PLC. Furthermore, He have prepared and conducted various training courses within PTT group and external organizations, such as the purchasing department, Thai Airways, and Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Association of Thailand. The examples of those courses are global sourcing, cost reduction, supplier relationship management, negotiation and bidding evaluation.

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