In-depth knowledge of all emergency response plan press release management and risk identification, development of emergency plans and emergency management processes!!! Intensive Workshop on July 19th - 20th, 2018 Every department should have the ability to implement its emergency response plan at a moment's notice. This practical, two-day workshop helps your company be prepared in the event of a worst-case scenario, gives you the knowledge needed to put together an effective response and provides tips for updating your company's emergency response plan at least every other year. Participants learn the issues involved in related disasters, which also can readily be applied in events. First and foremost, preparedness must focus on prevention and mitigation—taking pre-emptive measures to help communities avoid emergencies and become better equipped so that the impact of disasters are reduced. Since some risks cannot be completely mitigated, Country Offices should always remain in a state of readiness to respond to crises. This course will give you a greater understanding of the emergency response planning process. It is ideal for middle to senior managers or new employees who may, in the course of their normal duties, be called upon to take up a position in their company’s emergency response organization. Alternatively, the course would suit anyone within the company who wishes to understand the principles of emergency response as it applies to their industry.

Process Safety and Risk Reduction


Understand the history and context of emergency response and Press Release planning Identify steps in the emergency planning and Press Release process, including a capability assessment Analyze existing industry emergency response planning requirements Examine the critical components of an emergency response plan to help ensure an effective and efficient response effort

  • GAIN an in depth understanding of the Emergency Response Plan and Press Release technique.

  • DEVELOP and IMPROVE the ability to produce Emergency Response Plans , Press Release Plan and Emergency management processes specific to your organizations

  • LEARN how to enhance on scene leadership capabilities and techniques

  • APPLY best practice in organizing Emergency Communications Centre & How to release information on time (ECC), Emergency Response (ERT) and Crisis Management Teams (CMT) to their best advantage

  • ANALYSE the importance of human factors in ensuring the best psychological readiness, allocation of resources, deployment, discipline and leadership

  • ENCHANCE the capability of personnel to make to correct critical decision in an emergency situation

  • LEARN how to effectively work with other Agencies in the practical implementation of emergency response plan and crisis management plans

  • ASCERTAIN best practice in Emergency Response plan design and layout

  • ACQUIRE interactive exercise planning skills and improve the management of major event exercise

  • Prepare, write and test emergency plans that are appropriate to the risk that your organization is exposed to

  • Learn how to identify hazards and prepare a comprehensive hazard register

  • Establish an incident command system and ensure your communication lines between your team and external support groups are perfect


CEO’s, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Head of Departments, Senior Executives, of the following job areas

  • Emergency Management and Response

  • Business Continuity

  • Crisis Communication

  • Corporate Communications

  • Project Development

  • Public an age Relations

  • Public Affairs

  • Corporate Affairs

  • Marketing Communications

  • Media Relations

  • Investor Relations

  • Brand Communication

  • Corporate Branding

  • Internal & External Communications

  • New Media/Digital Media/Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Etc.

This course is ideal for either senior managers or new employees who may, in the course of their normal duties, be called upon to take up a position in their company’s Emergency Response organization. Alternatively, the course would suit anyone within the company who wishes to understand the principles of emergency response as it applies to industry.


Mr. Sarawut Chenchom / Project Safety, Security Health & Environment Manager (SSHEM) for Gas Separation Plant, Petrochemical Plant Power Plant, Other Construction Project

Mr. Sarawut Chenchom is more than 25 years of hands on and study experiences with construction and project controls, process and plant construction leadership. Well organization and detail oriented as a Supervisor Project Security, Safety Health & Environment Manager (Project SSHE Manager). Safety Operation and control Hazardous Waste and spill controls, all aspects, HAZOP, Qualitative Risk Assessment team Fire and environment Operations. Quality Control, Quality Analysis for new Construction Plant, Expansions, Debottleneck and other project in the Map Tha Phut Thailand.

About His Safety Construction Experiences:

Gas Separation Plant Project , Petrochemical Plant Project , Administration Complex Project, Power plant Hydride Technology Plant Project , King river park project , Expansion Plant Project , Debottleneck Project , Cluster Flare Project , New Boiler Project , Central Laboratory Project , Byproduct Value Added Project , Convert Heavy Gas To Olefins Plant Project Olefins, Polymer Facility & Construction Plant Project. The Cogeneration Power Plant.

Relevant Experiences: Excellence written and Oral Communication, Strong, Management and Supervision Skills, Training and Employee Safety Programs, Procedure, Technical Writing and Drawing, Fire Fighting Chemical Release Control Skills, Bilingual, Read and write/ Thai., Computer Literate with Windows 2010 with Microsoft Application.

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