How to the corporate income tax exemption cap may be increased by a specified percentage of eligible investment or expenditure, and the corporate income tax exemption period also may increase, as ..... Thai Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS) are required to be applied in the preparation for your business in Thailand!!!

Intensive Workshop on August 2nd - 3rd, 2018

This training helps corporate accountants and management to keep up-to-date in THAI CORPORATE TAX, WITHHOLDING TAX, BOI and Thai Financial Reporting Standards (“TFRS”), and tax ruling.

This training will focus on the practical issues, which participants will gain more understanding, implement more effectively and giving foreigners who is doing business in Thailand a basic understanding of business tax issues and obligations. Here are some tips and info you should know when it comes to acquiring tax deductions for your Thailand small business company. Tax deductions are important to many small to medium businesses (SMBs) and startups because it allows them to reduce their overhead expenses and invest more of their money to things that contribute to the company's growth!!!

Advanced Thai Tax & Employment Tax Strategies 2018

Key Learning Points:

  • Tax update in Thailand 2018.

  • Practical Issue Relating to Corporate Income Tax Rules.

  • Tax Risks on Certain Business Expenses.

  • Startup Ventures as a New Tax Player.

  • Withholding Tax Rules on the Conventional and Digital Transactions.

  • Sales or Services – Tax Implication.

  • Thai Transfer Pricing Law.

  • BEPs Development and impact on Thai DTA.

  • MLI and its Effect to Thai Taxonomy.

  • The relevance BOI regulations.

  • Tax Privileges for EXPATs and EXECUTIVES in the EEC.

  • Comparative Analysis on. EEC vs. BOI for Tax Clearance.

  • Key Changes in Thai Financial Reporting Standards (“TFRS”).

  • Thai Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs (“TFRS for SMEs”).

  • Presentation of Financial Statements.


Chief Financial Officers/ Accounting Managers/ Finance Managers/ Controllers/ Accountants/ Corporate Managers of Financial Reporting and Accounting




  • Bachelor of Laws, THAMMASAT UNIVERSITY, Thailand.

  • LLM International Economic Laws, WARWICK UNIVERSITY, UK. (Thai Government Scholarship)

  • Ph.D International Tax Law, BRUNEL UNIVERSITY, UK (Thai Government Scholarship)


B.E. 2540 Scholarship granted by Thai Government to Pursuit Postgraduate Degrees in the United Kingdom: LLM in International Economic Laws (Warwick) and PhD in International Taxation (Brunel)

B.E. 2551 Scholarship granted by the Government of Taiwan to be trained in “Public Finance and Decentralization of Tax Policy” at Taipei, Republic of China.

B.E. 2553 Scholarship granted by the Government of Japan (JICA) to be trained in “International Tax Treaty” at Tokyo, Japan.

B.E. 2555 Scholarship granted by Thai Government to be trained in “Business Marketing Strategy” at Kellogg School of Management, Illinois Chicago, California.

Work Experiences:

  • Teaching assistant in International Tax Law, Brunel University, UK.

  • Legal official: Bureau of Legal Affairs, Bureau of Investigation and Litigation, Bureau of Tax .

  • Appeal and Bureau of Large Tax Office (Banking and Financial Institution).

  • Delegation to 2008 OECD Conference on “Tax Treaties on Special Tax Issues”, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

  • Revenue Department’s working committee on “The Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research” (SGATAR) 2007 at Cebu Island, the Philippines.

  • Researcher in Amending and Developing Thai Revenue Code in cooperation with sponsored the Faculty of Laws, Chulalongkorn University.

  • Working Committee on the Negotiation and Amendment to Thailand and Indian Double taxation treaty.

  • Working Committee on the Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) under OECD Transfer Pricing Rules.

  • Working Committee on Granting Tax Privilege for Exporters having Compliance Records.

  • Representative to the Roundtable Conference on the Islamic Bond Market in Thailand.

  • Working Committee on “Fiscal Stimulus Measure for Insurance Business” in Thailand.

Academic Experiences: + Lecturer in Revenue Law at Faculty of Law, THAMMASAT UNIVERSITYLecturer in Revenue Law and International Tax Law at the Faculty of Law, RAMKAMHANG UNIVERSITY

+ Lecturer in International Tax Law at the Faculty of Accounting, UNIVERSITY OF THAI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

+ Lecturer in Revenue Law at the Faculty of Accounting, UNIVERSITY OF SRIPRATUM

+ Lecturer and guest speaker invited by a number of academic institution, public organizations and private sectors

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