"Learning about the constantly evolving Labor law in Thailand. Advice on avoiding costly mistakes and dealing with prevalent issues!!!”

Conference on September 13th - 14th, 2018

Welcome to World Business Forum! We are delighted that you are joining us of “EMPLOYEMENT LAW AVOIDING & RESOLVING DISPUTES & CONTRACTS CONFERENCE 2018”

As a HR professional or part of the general management team in your company, responding in the most effective manner to minimize risks of liabilities becomes crucial in your role – so how are you keeping up to date with things like workplace discrimination, effective dismissals and terminations, management of ill and injured workers, and develop to employment tax strategies continues to equip organizations with the practical legal knowledge required to mitigate the risk of workplace claims and disputes. Hand insights on recent legislation, the imminent changes, and strategies to prevent and manage common employment law pitfalls from leading law firms.

The following specific issues are of particular concern to human resource executives, legal officer and the organizations they serve.

There is a constant need for companies to stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory directions in relation to workplace and employment law under the Fair Work Commission. We have recently seen many cases of what can happen if companies are not compliant with such rulings and regulations; some of the impacts have affected individuals not just the company.

This is most 2 Day conference addressing critical developments affecting employment policies and practices of business!!

Employment Law Avoiding & Resolving Disputes & Contracts Conference 2018


  • Latest Updates on Labor & Employment Laws in Thailand and Its Implications for HR Professionals.

  • Labor Laws in AEC Countries: Key Regulations & Challenges.

  • Drafting Employment Contracts to Minimize Disputes.

  • Employment Tax Strategies and Updates 2018.

  • Taxation of individual in Thailand – Rule & Case study.

  • Effective Hiring.

  • How to effectively use employment contracts to minimize your organization’s risks.

  • Key Issues Related to Termination of Employment to Prevent Unfair Dismissal Claims.

  • Employment contract for probationary employees.

  • Termination of probationary employee.

  • Contractual Obligations of Employers and Employees.

  • Strategic Advice on the Sale or Transfer of a Business.

  • Expatriate Employment: Key Legal Considerations and Dispute Issues.

  • Termination of foreign employees under the labor law.

  • Work Permit & Visa' for expat.

  • Outsource Employment

  • Legal Issue on Subcontract Employment.

Who Should Attend?

Human Resources; Director, GM, Advisor, Consultant, Officer, Manager, Business Partner

* Senior HR Professionals who need to know what’s next in workplace law & legislation seeking to successfully position their organizations.

* HR professionals seeking practicable, actionable guidance on workplace management.

* HR managers seeking to build compliant organizations and manage risk.

* HR practitioners who want to hear from leaders and legislators on how workplace law affects them

* People and culture

* Workplace relations

* Employee relations

* General manager

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