Managing for employee retention involves a company’s strategic actions to keep employees motivated and focused so they elect to remain employed and fully productive for the benefit of the organization!!

Intensive Workshop on August 23rd - 24th, 2018

As important as it is to understand the reasons that drive employees to leave an organization, it is just as important to understand why valuable employees stay. Some recent studies have suggested that employees become embedded in their jobs and their communities. As they participate in their professional and community life, they develop a web of connections and relationships, both on and off the job. Leaving a job would require severing or rearranging these social and value networks. Thus, the more embedded employees are in an organization, the more likely they are to stay. Companies can increase employee engagement by providing mentors, designing work in teams, fostering team cohesiveness, encouraging employee referrals, and providing clear socialization and communication about the company's values and culture, as well as financial incentives based on tenure or unique incentives that may not be common elsewhere.

Employees leave organizations for many reasons; oftentimes these reasons are unknown to their employers. Employers need to listen to employees’ needs and implement retention strategies to make employees feel valued and engaged in order to keep them. These retention methods can have a significant and positive impact on an organization’s turnover rate. Here we’ll take a look at some of these strategies.

Intensifying competition, it is widely recognized that the market for talent has replaced loyalty as the decisive factor shaping the relationship between employers and employees. It seems just as clear that this fundamental shift has led to a decrease in loyalty and trust on both sides. In the realm of marketing, companies have worked hard to define their culture and are always creating experiences for their customers and prospects. They seek to woo them with delight, increase loyalty and inevitably grow their revenue. In the modern workplace, we are seeing the lines blur between human resources, marketing, and customer service to create a workplace culture and develop experiences designed to delight and woo candidates and retain employees. This workshop is practical, informative, though-provoking and engaging with numerous group activities to help participants gauge the importance of retaining their top employees. Learning how to use their daily influence to increase the performance and engagement of their teams!!

Managing and Measuring Training, Learing and Development 2018


  • Build a high employee retention strategy that reduces employee turnover.

  • Help people reach greater levels of productivity leading to higher job satisfaction.

  • Improve employee motivation.

  • Implement advice focusing on industries including healthcare, manufacturing, service, high tech and professional firms.

  • Transform the entire workforce into a high employee retention culture.

  • Understand the eight key dimensions needed for an effective organizational employee retention strategy.

  • Understand the leadership skills needed for high retention.

  • Build an employee retention management.

  • Implement a retention strategy that will save you countless thousands in turnover costs.

  • Design powerfully effective employee orientation program and onboarding process.

  • Use employee involvement programs to engage your workforce.

  • Create incentives and recognition programs that attract and keep your best performers.

  • Understand and create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that makes you an employer of choice.

  • How to design and use Individual Retention Plans to build powerful bonds between employees and their managers.


Ms. Passamon Pranutnorapal GLD Training & Consulting High Vision Expert


  • National Institute of Development Administration ( NIDA ) Master of Public Administration ( Human Resource Management )

  • Srinakarintharaviroj University Bangkok Bachelor of Education

Government section: Ministry of labor 11 years

  • Employee Relations Department

  • Employee Relations Committee office

  • Employment Department

  • Training & Development Department

  • Labor Provincial office (PATTANI & SAMUDSAKORN)

Private Sector 30 years with 7 companies:

  • Bata shoes (Thailand): as Industrial & Human Resource Manager, handle employee relations & Personnel factory.

  • CP - All Public Company: as General Manager handle HR Department, create & set up CP All’s norm ( ) and student’s employment.

  • Syntech Construction Public Company: as HR Director, transform high - rise building & Knowledge skills to Syntech‘s Thai staff.

  • BOA BANK (UOB) as Senior Vice President of HR Development, handle HR Development of the first Bank ‘s Organization transformation 4 years.

  • Thai Glass Public Company (BJC): as HR director, handle HR department which are focused to review HRW & HRD system, TQM project to increase efficiency of production with cooperation with Union. Career Planning & Succession Planning programs for future & organization’s expansion.

  • Grampion Food Company: as HR Director, Set up company’s standard as UK mother company.

  • Nanyang Textile Company: as Assistant Managing Director, handle HR , Quality Assurance & 2 factories to set up HR Management, Quality Assurance & Production standard to comply with Code of conduct which customer are required.


  • Sikarin Hospital to build team Spirit, train & develop staff in sale skills, Tele-Marketing, Service excellence.

  • Srisakate Business Administrative college advise to all teacher for teaching technique and learning material‘s supporting.

  • Danceman Co., Ltd, Create& Set up Headcount ratio to control labor cost and review HR Management.

  • Forth Public Company, Re- structure factory, re- organization, re- salary structure, re- production process, review sale & performance and train & develop all staff to enhance knowledge & skills to meet competency level


Most of the experience are directed concerned about Organization Transformations and Employee transformation as the company expectation with timeline.

  • Skill & Knowledge of labor Acts with comprehensive explanation to all concerned to understanding.

  • Motivation & Convincing skills which are increased to Employee Relations with individuals & all part of organization.

  • Understand fundamental of Business Structure: organization, work process with line & Supporting function’s standard, HR management, Labor cost and performance.

  • Understand & skills company performance and skills to know how to choose the way to improve.

  • Facilitator skills to coach & guide to all concerned who are related to organization.

  • Skills to share experience & lead the team to go along with “ CHANG PROGRAME”

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