The different tools available to managers when it comes to monitoring, assessing and enhancing the performance of their team and individual team members!!!

Intensive Workshop on September 27th - 28th, 2018

In today’s competition for top talent, only the bold come out ahead. Their better way was a proactive talent acquisition strategy that focused on brand and candidates first. To get there, refreshed its brand and transformed how it defined and executed its talent acquisition strategy, processes and team―following more in the footsteps of digital marketing organizations than traditional talent acquisition organizations.

High Performance Talent Acquisition & Retention aimed at assisting your organization in developing the framework for a Talent Acquisition & Retention system that will accelerate your business performance by recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining the best talent with the highest potential. Based on industry leading best practices, this workshop will provide a benchmark for how any organization can move from a passive recruiting model to the active sales and sports recruiting model. By conducting an in-depth and realistic analysis of current hiring and on boarding processes we identify potential barriers, compress the hiring cycle, improve outcome metrics, and deliver high performing new employees to hiring managers and supporting the operational requirements of the organization. This workshop will also explore the steps required to retain the high performing best talent and the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders within the organization in the Talent Acquisition and Retention process.

Join at High Performance Talent Acquisition & Retention Workshop, to learning experience, and discover innovative strategies to strengthen your employer brand, attract and recruit top talent, and successfully on-board employees to keep them engaged and excited for the future at your company!! This course is designed to give delegates the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to effectively manage the performance of their people on a practical level. The 2-day programme is highly participative and considers many of the different tools available to managers when it comes to monitoring, assessing and enhancing the performance of their team and individual team members. The course also touches on the issues of motivation, managing high performance and having the difficult conversation when performance is poor!!!

Intensive Workshop - High Performance Talent Acquisition & Retention 2018


  • Start designing your employee persona.

  • Who, not what, are you hiring?

  • How do you attract the right talent?

  • All about attracting, retaining, developing and engaging a quality workforce that plays a critical role in impacting the organizations bottom-line and growth.

  • Help Entrepreneurs getting aware about Successful HR strategies for Talent Acquisition and Retention.

  • Steps your company to improve your recruiting practices to make sure you are finding, hiring and keeping the best candidates.

  • An overview of the trends driving attraction and retention in the market.


This workshop has been researched with and designed for Directors, Managers, Vice Presidents, Specialists, Officers, Leaders, Assistants, and Consultants involved in:

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Talent Management

  • Recruiting

  • Retention

  • Human Resources

  • HR Communications

  • Employee Engagement

  • Training & Development

  • Employee Relations

  • Employee & Benefits

  • Job Posting Specialist

  • Career & Employee Relations

This course is suitable for managers and team leaders in organizations who are involved in managing the performance of employees, colleagues and/or team members.


MR. ISSRA SIVAKUL Consultant and Personal Coaching Former Vice President & General Manager, STATS ChipPAC Limited Singapore. Former Vice President & General Manager, HANA Microelectronics PCL (Thailand).

Over 35 extensive years of experience worldwide in both domestic and international electronic components leading companies such as:

  • STATS ChipPAC (SCL), Singapore

  • Cypress Semiconductor, USA

  • Dallah Avco, Saudi Arabia

  • HANA Microelectronics PCL, Thailand

  • Micropolis, Thailand

  • Minebea, Thailand

  • AMD, Thailand

  • Phillips (Signetic) Semiconductor, Thailand

Issra Sivakul served important key positions as Operation Director, Quality Director, Engineering Director, General Manager and Vice President. He highly achieved high performance organization (HPO) with manufacturing excellent program using advance technical tools and techniques i.e. BSC, PSDM for a higher results in proficiency and productivity as well as minimizing operations cost and being able to sustain key performers in the organization with effective career path development program (CPDP).

He used to operate and shut down the plant in Malaysia (SCL) within 2 years with mixed cultures of the employees namely Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Filipino. Regardless of the diversity, there was no employee moral issue. During his watch, the operation continued to run smoothly and there were no major operational problem. The plant was able to support all of the major customers’ satisfaction until the last day of operation. Major products and employees were transferred to sister plants and other companies successfully.

He can also do very well in expanding the operations (BU), relocating products and production lines among Thailand and overseas. He is one of the experts in leadership training and is invited to share his expertise in many business circulars.

Issra Sivakul graduated with a diploma in engineering from USA, bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from KMITNB, certificate of CFO from Federation of Accounting Professions. He was also a SASIN MM (EMBA) alumnus.

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