Help you achieve your project goals and meet your legal requirements when contracting work out to others. Gain skills in project scoping, planning, monitoring and confidently prequalify and select contractors!!! Intensive Workshop on January 25th, 2019 This one day course is designed to help you achieve your project goals and meet your legal requirements when contracting work out to others. Contractor Management is a comprehensive practice to ensure that contractors adhere to the safety standards used by the company that has hired them. It's important that owners are involved from the very beginning when projects are planned, bid, and contracted. Contractors are increasingly being used in the workplace to perform multiple tasks ranging from building and construction to installation and maintenance. There are many risks associated with contractors who work in unfamiliar workplaces and the potential hazards they may encounter or even create place a heavy burden on the host employer. In this presentation we will review the OSHA regulations and common safe procedures as they relate to contractors in the workplace. The process of screening, hiring, and monitoring contractors as well as ensuring that they are fully informed and qualified is crucial for the host employer in maintaining the health and safety of the workplace. Contractor Management workshop helps develop an understanding of contracting environments and the importance of establishing a safety culture at every phase of contract development execution.

Contractor Management 2019

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the benefits of selecting contractors who perform safely.

  • Understand the legal responsibilities for managing contractors.

  • Understand how to scope a project effectively.

  • Recognize obligations of contractor health and safety performance.

  • Understand best practice for selecting contractors.

  • Understand how good health and safety helps achieve project goals.

What you will learn:

  • Gain skills in project scoping, planning and monitoring

  • Confidently prequalify and select contractors

  • Understanding the characteristics of a safety culture

  • Describing the role of the owner and leadership in Contractor Safety through Contractor Management

  • Identifying practices of good contractor management

  • Discussing the steps of incident investigations as a component of Contractor Safety Management

  • Recognizing how Felt Leadership leads to a strong safety culture

  • The business case for Health and Safety

  • The contractor management process

  • New legal responsibilities

  • Project scoping including early stage influence and safety in design

  • Contractor safety plans

  • Leadership and accountability in safety


Mr. Somsak Naowaphongrat / HSE Manager, HSE Advisor, Project Management and Freelance HSE Consultant

Somsak Naowaphongrat has been recognized as a professional HSE Manager with diverse experiences of more than 25 years gained within oil and gas industry serving both domestics and overseas base including Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Oman, Malaysia, India, and many more. Somsak has specialized in Health, Safety and Environment management, safety operation, and projects implementation; EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commission). As HSE professional, been assigned with main responsibilities covering management & leadership development, practical training and coaching to build high performance organizations, improving effective proactive HSE culture and leading to improve and maintain high HSE standard. Somsak is able to clearly understand problems and finds the positive solutions through usage of skillful troubleshooting, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication. His specialties include diagnosing and resolving technical/ HSE advice and support. His demonstrated successes confirmed by various awards receiving including; - The “Excellence Award of the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management” - The “Outstanding Award in the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management” - The “Excellent Performance and Very Good Cultural Adaptation” - TOTAL Exploration and Production Indonesia - The “2003 & 2004 Individual Awards” - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited. In his almost three decades of work experiences in the energy industry, working with international environment, and managing a multi-cultural team, Somsak has gained familiarity with people skill and diversity. This brings him with collaborative leader who focuses on team spirit, openness, strong technical, clear work plans, job done correctly and on time.

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