"Knowledge and skills to develop a logistics strategy that will support your business objectives consistently and robustly, moving into the management of logistics from other parts of the business!!!”

Conference on September 20th - 21st, 2018

Today, Inward logistics contributes critically to your company’s success. And, in an increasingly competitive landscape, taking a strategic approach has become essential. Senior managers must see upstream operations as part of an integrated logistics channel, taking into account not only supplier partnerships and internal systems but also, critically, how their work responds to the demand chain and, ultimately, to customer satisfaction. Today, it is crucial to utilize organization resources efficiently and minimize additional non-value adding movement of goods in the supply chain. Expertly managing the cash tied up in the distribution network and the inventory, but at the same time, keeping the customers satisfied to the maximum has become absolutely crucial for today’s Logistics Managers.

This two-day program is designed to give you in-depth insight into these concepts and to equip you with necessary best-practice tools and techniques in order to implement them. By understanding the available tools and the hurdles and hindrances in the process and the expected outcomes, you can stay ahead of the competition!!!

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  • Understand the concept of integrated logistics within the context of supply chain management in a 21st-century business.

  • Environment Demonstrate knowledge of the components of logistics Critically analyses.

  • Evaluate logistics operations Apply solutions to logistics problems in line with global best practice Provide enhanced support.

  • Leadership in managing upstream and inbound logistics Devise Operate effective performance measures Use checklists.

  • Understand the complexities of Logistics Management and Planning.

  • Introduction to processes used in Logistics Management, including outsourcing, network design and distribution center management.

  • A walk through of what logistics managers and planners need to know to understand the benefits of good Logistics.

  • Management, tools and resources required to achieve significant savings on inventory cost while keeping high customer service.

Why You Should Attend?

We have designed this course for: Senior Logistics Management Staff in the Oil and Gas E&P Sector, Mining and Other extractive Industries, Heavy Construction, Utilities and Similar Industries.

The course will also benefit staff moving into the management of logistics from other parts of the business.

  • Logistics Managers

  • Senior Supervisors

  • Directors and senior managers who have responsibility for, or involvement with distribution and warehousing

  • Consultants and Advisors

  • Graduates and post graduates who require a greater understanding of the warehousing functions

  • Personnel and human resources managers with responsibility for the distribution and warehousing functions

  • Staff involved in the tender process for warehousing services

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