"Know how to properly prepare a presentation to get their message across even when it gets tough, in both virtual & face-to-face presentation know their strengths and development areas with regards to presenting!!!"

Intensive Workshop on November 29th - 30th, 2018

Presenting business English professionally can help you and your company achieving the target and communication with foreign business partners effectively. This course aims to improve your Business English presentation skills by developing your use of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, spoken communication skills within a Business context, and your ability to deliver professional business presentation for specific purposes, such as informative and convincing. Skills learned in this course will be used in the cross-cultural communications course and help prepare you to deliver the conversation and professional business presentation in your workplace.

Effective English Writing for Business Purposes Workshop


Professionals (Managers, Business Owners) who need to improve business English presentation skill (either formally or informally) at the intermediate level.


  • Personal Impact Assessment (Pre-test)

  • Prepared Presentation & Feedback

  • Basic skills for presentation

  • Essential Grammar and Word Choices for Business communication

  • What makes a good presenter

  • Informative presentation

  • Differences between Informing & Convincing

  • Convincing Structure

  • Audience Analysis Tool

  • Standards & visual options and support (graph/figures)

  • Planning to deliver effective presentation

  • Opening & Setting Expectations

  • Conducting a convincing presentation & Feedback

  • What to consider when presenting?

  • Prepare for connecting ideas in presentation

  • Filmed exercise for all participants (Story telling presentation)

  • Closing presentation

At the end of the course, participants…

  • Know about their strengths and weaknesses and have a goal to achieve for this training.

  • Had the opportunity to practice different techniques to find their comfort zone.

  • Understand the different structural dynamic needed for a convincing presentation.

  • Understand the value of a good opening that is more than introducing the presenter.

  • Know how to build slides appropriate for the presentation purpose.

  • Had the opportunity to practice a convincing presentation and receive comprehensive feedback.

  • Know what to consider and do differently when presenting virtually.

  • Know what to do differently & how to implement learnings for future presentations.

  • Capture the interest of their listeners and move them to solutions.

Learning method Lecture: Case samples and Presentation Workshop with Peer Reviews.


RAPEEPORN RUNGSITHONG, PhD Consult, Full time Lecturer Chulalongkorn Business School, Chulalongkorn University

Dr. Rapeeporn before becoming a guest lecturer with the subjects related to strategic international management, such as global business environment analysis, knowledge management and cross-cultural management. Also, Dr. Rapeeporn had worked with multi-national companies and multi-national teams for several years.

Her experiences with researcher and writer who has been passionate to work in the area of Strategic Management, Inter-organizational relationship, Cross-cultural management, Knowledge Management, and Business English Communication.


Present Consult, Full time Lecturer, Chulalongkorn Business School, Chulalongkorn University

Mar 2016-Dec 2017 Department of Management, Kasetsart University

Jan 2015-Jan 2016 Business administration department, Faculty of Social sciences, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand. Jun 2014-Present Part-time English Teacher (TOEFL and IELTS), Pornpan Academy

Aug-Dec 2014 Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Business administration, Bangkok University

2010-2013 Research assistant, University of Bath, United Kingdom

2008-2009 Industrial Market Analyst, Siemens Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand

2006-2008 Commercial Project Controlling, Siemens Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand 2005-2006 Corporate Lending Officer, Bangkok Bank PCL


  • Runner-up prize 2015, Thailand Thesis Award by National Research Council of Thailand

  • Runner-up prize 2014, Doctoral student essay competition in the topic of “The impact and approach to develop social and economic equality”, The 7th Samaggi Academic Conference (ThaiStudent association), University of Kent, UK

  • Best essay award winner 2013, Doctoral student essay competition in the topic of Thailand

  • Future under AEC, the 6th Samaggi Academic Conference (Thai student association), University College London, UK

  • Best essay award winner 2012, Doctoral student essay competition in the topic of “Shaping the

  • Future of economic growth in Thailand”, the 5th Samaggi Academic Conference (Thai studentAssociation), University of Oxford, UK

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