Understand the importance of managing Value-Added-Tax (VAT) transactions and balances. VAT management is not rocket science, but headaches can be avoided with a proper registration and control process in place!!

Intensive Workshop on November 29th - 30th, 2018

Value-added tax (VAT), government levy on the amount that a business firm adds to the price of a commodity during production and distribution of a good. With the increase in the VAT rate is likely to intensify its focus on non-compliance with VAT legislation and potential avoidance schemes. The onus is on the taxpayer to ensure compliance with VAT legislation. This starts with an understanding of the legal framework within which VAT operates, the requirements of the VAT Act and linking this to the actual operations conducted by the organization. Alignment does not occur naturally and oversights can be costly. Drive your technology to adapt VAT compliance using practical experience to develop tax structure using product grouping, customer categorization and supplier moderation to deliver unique tax preposition through supply chain and sales to delivery.

This VAT technical workshop will be of one day duration and targeted to equip businesses with key framework and understand the nuances and details of VAT implementation issues. Being a practical workshop, majority of the time will be spent on case studies and group discussion with the respective workshop leader. How businesses can start planning for VAT?

The workshop is aimed at providing us with a better understanding of the critical areas of VAT risk in organizations. It will also provide an overview on, how adhering to the legal framework that governs VAT, can protect your organization from unnecessary VAT sanctions by managing risks. This course covers real-world examples of VAT management!!!

Vat Value Added Tax and Control

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Value-Added- Tax (VAT) and discover how VAT works.

  • Identify the risks behind improper VAT management.

  • Recognize how to plan your VAT balance

  • Prepare to pass a VAT audit successfully

  • Revise and improve your own VAT registration process

  • Designated Zone & It’s VAT Impact


  • CFOs

  • CEOs

  • Finance Managers

  • Internal auditors

  • Cost and Budgeting Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Procurement Managers

  • Associate Staff Dealing in Payable and Receivables




  • Bachelor of Laws, THAMMASAT UNIVERSITY, Thailand.

  • LLM International Economic Laws, WARWICK UNIVERSITY, UK. (Thai Government Scholarship)

  • Ph.D International Tax Law, BRUNEL UNIVERSITY, UK (Thai Government Scholarship)


B.E. 2540 Scholarship granted by Thai Government to Pursuit Postgraduate Degrees in the United Kingdom: LLM in International Economic Laws (Warwick) and PhD in International Taxation (Brunel)

B.E. 2551 Scholarship granted by the Government of Taiwan to be trained in “Public Finance and Decentralization of Tax Policy” at Taipei, Republic of China.

B.E. 2553 Scholarship granted by the Government of Japan (JICA) to be trained in “International Tax Treaty” at Tokyo, Japan.

B.E. 2555 Scholarship granted by Thai Government to be trained in “Business Marketing Strategy” at Kellogg School of Management, Illinois Chicago, California.

Work Experiences:

  • Teaching assistant in International Tax Law, Brunel University, UK.

  • Legal official: Bureau of Legal Affairs, Bureau of Investigation and Litigation, Bureau of Tax .

  • Appeal and Bureau of Large Tax Office (Banking and Financial Institution).

  • Delegation to 2008 OECD Conference on “Tax Treaties on Special Tax Issues”, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

  • Revenue Department’s working committee on “The Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research” (SGATAR) 2007 at Cebu Island, the Philippines.

  • Researcher in Amending and Developing Thai Revenue Code in cooperation with sponsored the Faculty of Laws, Chulalongkorn University.

  • Working Committee on the Negotiation and Amendment to Thailand and Indian Double taxation treaty.

  • Working Committee on the Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) under OECD Transfer Pricing Rules.

  • Working Committee on Granting Tax Privilege for Exporters having Compliance Records.

  • Representative to the Roundtable Conference on the Islamic Bond Market in Thailand.

  • Working Committee on “Fiscal Stimulus Measure for Insurance Business” in Thailand.

Academic Experiences: + Lecturer in Revenue Law at Faculty of Law, THAMMASAT UNIVERSITYLecturer in Revenue Law and International Tax Law at the Faculty of Law, RAMKAMHANG UNIVERSITY

+ Lecturer in International Tax Law at the Faculty of Accounting, UNIVERSITY OF THAI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

+ Lecturer in Revenue Law at the Faculty of Accounting, UNIVERSITY OF SRIPRATUM

+ Lecturer and guest speaker invited by a number of academic institution, public organizations and private sectors

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