Marketers have an opportunity to create innovative campaigns that integrate the digital world into the real world. How to techniques being hugely successful? Help boost your social media presence with a knowledge!!! Intensive Workshop on December 13th - 14th, 2018 If you are the one who is doing business, whether offline or online, you cannot deny that today the online business is the great supporting mechanism to reach the customers and get to know better in your business. It is also very essential for anyone to create the personal branding. There are numerous channels and approaches for online marketing. The most popular one is the Facebook Advertising because it is very convenient and can be the very first thing that the target customer will recognize your business. Facebook Advertising is not difficult but the crucial part is how will the advertising can achieve the objection and worth the money. In this course, the instructor will provide the variety of techniques and approaches, the step-by-step practices and tips for successful Facebook advertising. It will be very beneficial for the participants as the guideline. The participant will have the opportunity to learn and practice in realistic simulation which can be apply for their own businesses afterward to achieve their goals with the better performances.

This two-day workshop is specifically designed for Executives, Business Manager and leading who know that digital is crucial for their business, but would like a clearer understanding of the underlying marketing tools, taught in a simple and practical way. Each session makes use of guided, hands-on learning without becoming too technical - ensuring that you learn enough of the basics to get literate in digital, while keeping sight of its impact to your bottom line!!!

Marketing Transformations with Facebook and Google 2018

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will get the knowledge and increase their ability in online marketing to improve their own business or their organization

  • Participants can exchange their knowledge and experiences with the instructor and among themselves

  • Participants will understand the methodology and principal of Facebook advertising as well as the suitable setting for each type of product

  • Discover tools to make your business succeed

  • Manage your time effectively

  • Create a long-term social media plan

  • Learn how to export and expand your business internationally

  • Learn about creating a social media strategy based on your business goals

  • Understanding why you need to be there

  • Joining the right social media sites

  • Growing your presence and engaging with your networks

  • How to develop a digital strategy that’s unique to your business

  • How to assess the digital IQ of your team; determine what skills can be grown through training existing employee’s vs acquiring new talent

  • How to decide whether to build your own in-house digital team


Executives, Business Manager and leading a digital transformation initiative, Small business owners who would like to launch their products or services online, Chief Marketing Officers / Marketing Directors / Brand Directors and Anyone who interested in Facebook Advertising


Thanaphat Tammakanyakoon (TK)

Lecturer in Sales, Marketing and Services Chief Executive Officer of Skin Concept (Skin Care Product) Chief Executive Officer of OMC (Thailand) Managing Director of the Master Training Thailand Sales and Marketing Advisor at Sister Spring Clinic and Bangkok Clinic Revolution


  • 2015 - Present North Bangkok University, Thailand Ph.D. Candidate Management Program

  • 2013 - 2015 Stamford International University, Thailand Master of Business Administrator (MBA) in Marketing

  • 2007 - 2009 Edith Cowan University, Australia Business Development Certificate Program Marketing Management

  • 2004 - 2007 Suan Dusit University, Thailand Bachelor of Public Relations


  • United Overseas Bank - Business Development Manager (Privilege Banking)

  • Citibank N.A - Personal Banker Manager

  • Asia Plus Securuties - Business Development Manager, Wealth Management

  • Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) - Personal Banker

Our Trainer:

Thanaphat Tammakanyakoon (TK) will be your advisor and will recommend everyone to improve your charming image and personality. He is experienced in services, sales, hosting and lecturing more than 12 years. He is also the Image Coach, Professional Image Advisor and is currently studying for a PhD and working on a research project on ‘the influencing factors on the behavior in the emotional expression of Thai adolescents’.

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