"Understand and to develop risk management skills, and to apply what they have learned on a real-life design and construction project!!!" Intensive Workshop on December 13th - 14th, 2018 Every building and construction project is unique with its own opportunities and risks and as many building and construction projects are highly capitalized, it’s imperative that effective budgeting is established prior to commencement of the project as well as a robust cost management process throughout the construction phase. Clients and contractors alike have need to minimize construction costs within criteria set for functional requirements and quality to delivery best value for money. The selection of proper risk management tools and techniques is critical for better decision-making. Because very few studies scrutinize the use of a workshop as a risk management approach, this paper aims to explore how a risk management workshop can be effectively used in managing project risks, by studying a risk management workshop that was conducted in a public project. An in-depth case study approach was adopted to identify the benefits and challenges of this method of risk management. The subsequent performance of the public organization in managing risks was examined by evaluating its functional risk management implementation. In addition to furthering an organization’s understanding of major project risks, a risk management workshop also provides opportunities for team building. However, a breakdown in the risk communication that eventually resulted in a poor risk management implementation was uncovered in the implementation of the project. Continued efforts to improve risk management implementation are needed to overcome the shortcomings associated with the current practices. Highly successful projects are reliant on quality of advice and cost containment, minimizing risk and eliminating surprises. This course provides all the necessary skills and tools to help you get up to speed with the complex construction budgeting and cost management process, contract-related pricing challenges whilst managing risks and controlling costs that are inherent in the construction process.

This workshop incorporates best practice into your construction projects and learn the tools, techniques and strategies to best deal with issues as they arise.

Risk Management for Construction Project Workshop

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Effectively manage pre-construction budgeting and construction phase costs.

  • Understand and use the right tools for accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

  • Prepare and present budgets.

  • Develop effective cost management best practices.

  • Reduce the effort, time and costs involved in preparing and evaluating supplier proposals.

  • Utilize practical tips and guidelines to manage risk in construction projects.

  • Develop a detailed risk management plan to guide risk management activities.

  • Develop a risk register that is complete and accurate.

  • Qualify and quantify project risks.

  • Prepare risk response strategies to control the risks and maximize the opportunities.

  • Choose the type of contract to meet the specific risk need of the project.

  • Understand the risks involved in the construction contract documents.

Workshop Format and Methodology

The workshop is delivered though lectures, class discussions, individual and group case studies, and exercises. The topics to be covered include: identifying, classifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks, planning, and creating mitigation strategies for handling the identified risks.


This course will benefit anyone who is involved with contract management in the construction industry or whose daily work is governed by the laws and regulations of the construction industry including:

  • Contract Managers

  • Construction Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Builders

  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • Quantity surveyors

  • Contractors

  • Site Managers

  • Private Owners & Developers

  • In-house legal teams

  • Government Agencies and Public Owners

  • Engineering and construction dispute panel members

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for new and intermediate Project Managers and project team members. The course is also intended for anyone who is involved in the design, tendering and implementation of construction projects who wishes to learn more about principles and techniques of risk management. Participants will learn and experience first-hand some of the tools that will help them to reduce project surprises and meet owner expectations


Mr. Sarawut Chenchom / Project Safety, Security Health & Environment Manager (SSHEM) for Gas Separation Plant, Petrochemical Plant Power Plant, Other Construction Project

Mr. Sarawut Chenchom is more than 25 years of hands on and study experiences with construction and project controls, process and plant construction leadership. Well organization and detail oriented as a Supervisor Project Security, Safety Health & Environment Manager (Project SSHE Manager). Safety Operation and control Hazardous Waste and spill controls, all aspects, HAZOP, Qualitative Risk Assessment team Fire and environment Operations. Quality Control, Quality Analysis for new Construction Plant, Expansions, Debottleneck and other project in the Map Tha Phut Thailand.

About His Safety Construction Experiences:

Gas Separation Plant Project , Petrochemical Plant Project , Administration Complex Project, Power plant Hydride Technology Plant Project , King river park project , Expansion Plant Project , Debottleneck Project , Cluster Flare Project , New Boiler Project , Central Laboratory Project , Byproduct Value Added Project , Convert Heavy Gas To Olefins Plant Project Olefins, Polymer Facility & Construction Plant Project. The Cogeneration Power Plant.

Relevant Experiences: Excellence written and Oral Communication, Strong, Management and Supervision Skills, Training and Employee Safety Programs, Procedure, Technical Writing and Drawing, Fire Fighting Chemical Release Control Skills, Bilingual, Read and write/ Thai., Computer Literate with Windows 2010 with Microsoft Application.

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