You will have the tools, knowledge, and understanding to benchmark, assess, and improve your business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis management program and a crisis simulation in which participants take active roles in a simulated disaster!!!

Intensive Training on March 7th - 8th, 2019

Preparing for a crisis is a necessity. You know the odds are high that your company will suffer a disaster or crisis at some point. You cannot say you weren’t ready; today’s extreme public and government scrutiny demand that you should have been prepared. Crisis Management and Business Continuity course will help prepare you for the inevitable. All organizations must prepare themselves to deal with the wide of range of threats which they face. Many of these can be identified but some cannot. However, if you build your organization to be resilient then you will be able to respond effectively even to those unforeseen challenges. This comprehensive course provides up-to-date assessments and knowledge on issues that affect you and your organization - cyber security, supply chain, emergency response, leadership, data breach, communications, news media, social media - from the experts involved with these efforts. We also examine strategies for job and career improvement. You will have the opportunity to interact with our lecturers and with your peers from industry.

This course offers an effective combination of lecture, case studies, and class participation activities conducted by knowledgeable and experienced instructors who are leaders in their fields. Many case studies of actual crisis situations are used to emphasize and enhance the concepts!!!

Corporate Fraud Controls, Detection and Investigation 2018


  • You will have the tools, knowledge, and understanding to benchmark.

  • Improve your business continuity disaster recovery, and crisis management program.

  • Why you need to plan for possible crises.

  • Crises that could affect your business.

  • Assess the possible impact of risks on your business.

  • Minimize the potential impact of crises.

  • Plan how you’ll deal with an emergency.

  • Evaluation of the crisis management emergency plan, enable continuous improvement of your organizations business continuity management competence and capability.

  • Prepare management for dealing with a crisis.

  • Ensure the crisis management team has identified what resources are needed and how they should be used.

  • Assess to ensure that each manager is consistent in his/her approach to the implementation of the procedures.

  • Demonstrate business continuity and crisis management competence and capability.

  • Verification that the business continuity plan (BCP) and business continuity management (BCM) strategies are workable, effective, up-to-date and fit for purpose.

  • Verify that the BCP incorporates all organizational mission critical activities.

  • Increase awareness of BCM emergency procedures and its significance.

  • Identify shortcomings and required improvements, leading to action points.

  • Amend business continuity plan / emergency plan.

  • Requirement for testing and auditing of BCP.

  • To deepen understanding of how digital and social media augment ‘traditional’ crisis response and recovery activities.

  • To ensure a more effective response to and recovery from crises using digital and social technologies.

  • Develop the knowledge and skills required to investigate all adverse events.

  • Understand the causes of accidents and ill-health.

  • Understand the elements that combine to form an accident.

  • Develop confidence & professionalism in investigating, interviewing & reporting.

  • Ensure all employees & contractors are aware of the SMS and ‘Safety Culture’.

  • Best Practice on security audit process and preparation.

  • Cyber Security - The Legal Framework.

  • Cyber breaches and related incidents the legal imperative to protect data.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for the Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management, and Crisis Management practitioner or responder as well as for the executive who oversees these disciplines. Other staff who would benefit from this course include corporate executives, directors, and staff from IT/MIS, Environment Health & Safety, Risk Management, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Security. This course is also suited for federal, state, and local government officials and Emergency Managers.

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