Estimate the effort for an information system related to your project, Estimate probability and impact of each risk and Identify potential risks of your project (via checklist, brainstorming)!!! Intensive Workshop on May 16th - 17th, 2019 The purpose of this workshop is to learn to lead projects with confidence, develop and meet requirements, and come in on time and within budget. This comprehensive two-day workshop gives you proven practical methods to develop and deploy a Project Plan that aligns everyone to deliver a successful project result on-time, every time, within your budget. You will learn how effectively using the Project Plan process assures project success. Project continue to get into trouble and fail at an alarming rate. Project Managers are frequently overworked and stressed by the demands of all of the people with an interest in their project…the project stakeholders. Experience demonstrates that projects which start with an effective process to align all of the project stakeholders to endorse an effective project plan avoid much of the stress and achieve project success most of the time. Experts experienced running projects of all types in sizes in industry and government will lead this workshop to show you how to achieve project success all the time. The benefit of this approach is that a plan can be developed in a collaborative way with involvement from the appropriate stakeholders. Seeing the plan visually will make it easier for people to understand what needs to be achieved by when and allow barriers to be identified.

Working this way is good for team spirit and helps ensure a feeling of common ownership – very important for success!!!

Project Management Planning Workshop 2019

Learning Objectives:

  • In this course, guide to project management.

  • The first course about the principles of project management.

  • Into how organizational structure can impact project management.

  • Learn how effective project managers balance the various constraints and influences that come along with any project.

  • Attendance project management program have an understanding of the fundamentals of project management.

  • Learn to apply and integrate the tools, techniques, knowledge and skills lean to manage the constraints in projects to ensure stakeholders satisfaction.

What you will learn:

  • Identify potential risks of your project (via checklist, brainstorming).

  • Estimate probability and impact of each risk.

  • Find potential risk indicators, which should be monitored.

  • Develop Project Plans that you and your team can succeed at.

  • Turn the Project Plan process into a rewarding experience for all involved with your project.

  • Align your customers to endorse your project success.

  • Execute projects that benefit your business.

  • Increase your company’s profitability.

  • Reduce the chaos and crises that often bury projects.

  • Focus your Project Plans.

  • Run successful project meetings.

  • Reduce and effectively manage changes to your project.

  • Provide all project stakeholders with the information they need.

  • Satisfy your customers.

  • Deliver your project on time and under budget.

  • Perform a Stakeholder Analysis for your Project.

  • Set up an Action Plan / define measures.

  • Prepare a short presentation.


Mr. Somsak Naowaphongrat / HSE Manager, HSE Advisor, Project Management and Freelance HSE Consultant

Somsak Naowaphongrat has been recognized as a professional HSE Manager with diverse experiences of more than 25 years gained within oil and gas industry serving both domestics and overseas base including Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Oman, Malaysia, India, and many more. Somsak has specialized in Health, Safety and Environment management, safety operation, and projects implementation; EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commission). As HSE professional, been assigned with main responsibilities covering management & leadership development, practical training and coaching to build high performance organizations, improving effective proactive HSE culture and leading to improve and maintain high HSE standard. Somsak is able to clearly understand problems and finds the positive solutions through usage of skillful troubleshooting, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication. His specialties include diagnosing and resolving technical/ HSE advice and support. His demonstrated successes confirmed by various awards receiving including; - The “Excellence Award of the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management” - The “Outstanding Award in the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management” - The “Excellent Performance and Very Good Cultural Adaptation” - TOTAL Exploration and Production Indonesia - The “2003 & 2004 Individual Awards” - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited. In his almost three decades of work experiences in the energy industry, working with international environment, and managing a multi-cultural team, Somsak has gained familiarity with people skill and diversity. This brings him with collaborative leader who focuses on team spirit, openness, strong technical, clear work plans, job done correctly and on time.

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