Identify the Learning Priorities in your Organization or Team, to manage people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they are mutually accountable!!

Intensive Workshop on August 23rd, 2019

Ask what parts of this definition stand out e.g. complementary skills, common purpose, mutually accountable etc. Working with this definition, how does this group make up a team? What is your common purpose? How are you accountable to one another?

One reason for an organization to have good people but not to achieve common goals because they can’t work together as a team. This has resulted in many problems leading to "failure of the management team", which can’t be achieved. Many organizations have problems with communication, especially listening problems, which is a major problem that every organization is experiencing because many people choose to speak rather than listen. People who listen to it sometimes listen to the audience or listen only to what they want to hear. It leads to the problem of catching the issue. When the staff can’t handle the issue, it will affect a lot of work, including delayed work, falling work, etc.

Develop a Personalized Learning Journey for the People and Teams Workshop is a course developed from the work of teamwork and listening skills to capture issues before writing a report. Therefore, the issues must be clear if the personnel in the organization to learn and practice in such a way that will greatly benefit the organization, resulting in increased efficiency.

If everyone in the organization understands the culture, teamwork or systematic division of work. The chances of success or achieving the goals will be greater. Success is near!!

Express Yourself in English (EYiE) for PRESENTATION Workshop




  • Why is important to understand what a team is?

  • What qualities do you bring to the team?

  • How important is it to have different qualities within the team?

  • What is the most important aspect of?

  • How can you ensure your team is effective with your next task/project or challenge?

  • Reflecting on the workshop, I want you to identify one thing you can take away and why?

  • a project team working to deliver results

  • an organizational team working to achieve its mission

  • a department team fulfilling its role in the organization

  • To adjust the concept and understand the teamwork

  • Be able to read people and manage people to suit the job

  • To create leadership in the team

  • Motivation to work

  • Understand the importance of catching the issue

  • Enhances the capture skills through learning activities and workshops

  • Understand different listening principles in different formats

  • To learn listening techniques intently

  • In order for the trainees to understand the catching technique

  • Helps in analyzing, solving decision problems for quality and efficiency

  • Helps to communicate effectively

  • Can apply techniques to deploy to work


This program is designed for;

  • Leaders who present to audiences of any size in any format and who are building their brands through blogging, media, and social media.

  • Senior executives

  • Presidents

  • VPs and high potential leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners.

  • Leaders who are in technical areas of the business who need to enhance overall communication.

  • Sales professionals who need to tell the story of their company and customers.



Director of Writing Development Institute


>> Master of Political Sciences (Politics and Governments), Thamasart University >> Bachelor of Political Sciences (Public Administration), Ramkhamhang University


>> Director of Writing Development Institute Writing Development Institute >> Master of Ceremony in Perd Lem Program Bangkok Channel (IPM 26) >> Member of Academic Sub - Committee Thai Journalist Association


>> Executive Editor (2556-2558) Ton Kid Publishing >> Writing Specialist and Communication Strategy Officer (2554-2556) Kiatnakin Bank >> Head of Regional News, Traveler Newspaper (2553-2554) Tiew Thai Company >> Political Journalist and Regional Economy, Thansettakit Newspaper (2543-2553) Thansettakit Company

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