Provide you with the confidence and necessary professionalism to enable a thorough Accident Investigation as soon as practicable after the event!!!

Intensive Workshop on July 25th - 26th, 2019

In spite of all our best efforts, accidents and incidents occasionally occur. These unplanned or undesired events can adversely affect a company’s work operations and may include work-related injuries, occupational illnesses, property damage, spills and fires. Critically all incidents should therefore be thoroughly investigated demonstrating a proven company-wide process of efficiency and effectiveness linked to the Safety Management System. The more serious the incident the more extensive the investigation.

However, even a minor incident or near-miss incident also requires a thorough investigation as this may reveal significant potential for a serious future incident should the conditions be left uncorrected. While incidents seem to happen for obvious reasons, there may be things that contribute to an accident which are not always immediately apparent. Attendance on this training course will provide you with the confidence and necessary professionalism to enable a thorough Accident Investigation as soon as practicable after the event. If a workplace incident results in an injury, or could have caused a serious injury, both employers and Work Safe BC have certain responsibilities. Incident investigations help identify root causes and hazards, while finding ways to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Two different investigations may take place after an incident occurs: one that the employer conducts and one that Work Safe conducts.

Process Safety and Risk Reduction

This training course will highlight:

  • Why and who conducts an investigation?

  • Investigation methodology, the essential process.

  • Characteristics of an effective incident/accident analysis programmed.

  • The two major components that contribute to the cause of an incident.

  • Why investigations must be constructive, professional, credible and timely.

  • Safety Management Systems on promoting a pro-active Safety Culture.

  • How to make highlight of the accident report and presentation by the sketch and drawing.

What are the Goals?

At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills required to investigate all adverse events.

  • Understand the causes of accidents and ill-health.

  • Understand the elements that combine to form an accident.

  • Develop confidence & professionalism in investigating, interviewing & reporting.

  • Ensure all employees & contractors are aware of the SMS and ‘Safety Culture’.

  • Apply the legal requirements and company procedures.

Key behaviors

  • Knowledge and Skill of SHE

  • Understanding the causes of accidents

  • Risk control measures

  • Understanding the types of accidents

  • Awareness of the concept of ‘Human Error’

  • Attributes of a Safety Culture

  • Active listening

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Observation skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Attentive, Patient and relaxed

  • Ability to identify Immediate, Underlying or Root Cause

  • Ability to resist the temptation to ‘blame’

  • Demonstrate competence in organizational and communication skills

  • Planning and Implementation skills

  • Factors affecting human performance

  • Knowledge of Individual, Job and Organizational Factors

  • Demonstrate personal leadership skills

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Ability to ‘engage’ with witnesses

  • Courtesy and good manners

  • Decision making skills

  • Presentation and Persuasion skills

  • Effective writing skills

  • Ability to express recommendations

  • Ability to prepare ‘Executive Summaries

Who Should Attend?

  • HSE Officers

  • Supervisors

  • Inspectors

  • Advisors

  • Auditors

  • Team Leaders/Managers

This training course is designed to enable Safety Officers and others to understand the concepts of Advanced Accident Investigation & Reporting, how to successfully and professionally perform an effective investigation and to report recommendations to management to elicit improvements in HSE and therefore prevent re-occurrence.


Mr. Sarawut Chenchom / Project Safety, Security Health & Environment Manager (SSHEM) for Gas Separation Plant, Petrochemical Plant Power Plant, Other Construction Project

Mr. Sarawut Chenchom is more than 25 years of hands on and study experiences with construction and project controls, process and plant construction leadership. Well organization and detail oriented as a Supervisor Project Security, Safety Health & Environment Manager (Project SSHE Manager). Safety Operation and control Hazardous Waste and spill controls, all aspects, HAZOP, Qualitative Risk Assessment team Fire and environment Operations. Quality Control, Quality Analysis for new Construction Plant, Expansions, Debottleneck and other project in the Map Tha Phut Thailand.

About His Safety Construction Experiences:

Gas Separation Plant Project , Petrochemical Plant Project , Administration Complex Project, Power plant Hydride Technology Plant Project , King river park project , Expansion Plant Project , Debottleneck Project , Cluster Flare Project , New Boiler Project , Central Laboratory Project , Byproduct Value Added Project , Convert Heavy Gas To Olefins Plant Project Olefins, Polymer Facility & Construction Plant Project. The Cogeneration Power Plant.

Relevant Experiences: Excellence written and Oral Communication, Strong, Management and Supervision Skills, Training and Employee Safety Programs, Procedure, Technical Writing and Drawing, Fire Fighting Chemical Release Control Skills, Bilingual, Read and write/ Thai., Computer Literate with Windows 2010 with Microsoft Application.

More information, please contact +662 117 3383, +662 050 8151 or email, please Click Here.

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