"Developing food and beverages for aging consumers is a major challenge for food firms from a marketing and technical perspective and using existing brands!!!”

Conference on August 22nd - 23rd, 2019

Today’s Many countries are witnessing a marked increase in longevity and with this increased lifespan and the desire for healthy ageing, many, however, suffer from the opposite including mental and physical deterioration, lost productivity and quality of life, and increased medical costs. While adequate nutrition is fundamental for good health, it remains unclear what impact various dietary interventions may have on prolonging good quality of life. Consumers are not just concerned about the ingredients present in their food but considering the fact that how their food is produced. As a result, health and wellness health retailers worldwide are adopting the health and wellness trend into their products. Consumers also are looking for ingredients that address specific health concerns, and digestive health, immune health and brain/memory health are gaining momentum in the food and beverage sector. Food, Health and Wellness depends on the food choice we make which significantly influences the health throughout our life. Health and wellness depend upon the food we eat and where it comes from. Wellness comes from the balanced diet we consume into our day-to-day lives. Health involves not only eating healthier food but reducing tension, stress and exercising regularly. In recent years, health and wellness food market has a significant rise in growth rates.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS & INNOVATION & Trends for FOOD BEVERAGE TOWARD 2019 is a conference organized in Thai dedicated exclusively to the sphere of food, beverage and natural ingredients. The meeting place for all stakeholders in the food ingredients industry. The conference hosts some of the leading names of the industry, top notch experts and researchers shedding new light on the various theories and practices of the industry. Food & beverage and natural ingredients conference aiming to promote this industry also attempts to address the key issues and challenges faced by this industry. The conference also offers the perfect platform to attendees to engage in networking, making useful contacts and creating and optimizing business opportunities.

Natural Ingredients & Innovation & Trends for Food Beverage Toward 2019


  • FDA regulatory updates and guidelines for Food & Beverage.

  • Controlling labeling, marketing & sales.

  • Gain insight into new technologies for clean label ingredients.

  • Targeting the ageing consumer and Healthy Aging.

  • Flavors Trends in food & Beverage products.

  • How will this impact the supplements market?

  • Consumer Insight Trends and Brand Innovations.

  • Trends Food for 2019 Sustainability, Healthy and Aging.

  • Aging Population Drives Functional Food Ingredients Market.

  • Developing Food Products for Dry eyes, Antiaging, Bones.

  • Probiotic Product Innovations & Trends.

  • Food & Beverage Packaging Trends & Innovations 2019.

  • Trends of functional herbal food beverages & New Product Development.

  • Case study

Why You Should Attend?

This conference has been developed for Key Decision-Makers and Senior Management including:

Presidents, CEOs, MDs GMs, Regional Directors/Managers, Country Heads, Directors/Managers in Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Distribution, R&D, Commercial, Merchandising & Category, Logistics & Supply Chain, Advertising & PR, Market Research & Strategic Planning. All those committed to driving growth in the promising food & beverage industry in Thailand within these organizations: * Producers * Bottlers * Distributors * Retailers * Food & Beverage Packaging Suppliers * Market Research/ Consumer Research Providers.

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