Effective purchasing function and Plan and deliver a successful negotiation!!!

Intensive Workshop on July 26th, 2019

Purchasing and negotiation are something done by nearly everybody, almost every day in some from. with well sharpened purchasing & negotiating skills you will help maximize your chances of successful discussions, deals, or sales. there are different styles of negotiation, depending on the situational circumstances. in today’s super-competitive economy, both your company and your suppliers will be angling for the best deals they can negotiate. here's how both can win! suppliers are frequently far better trained with negotiation skills than the purchasers (procurement personnel) who deal with them.

However, in today ‘s hypercompetitive global economy, the scope and significance of negotiation can involve intense, high-stakes interactions revolving around a series of complex issues affecting multiple parties. when facing these more sophisticated situations, negotiators need highly developed negotiation skills and strategies to guide them through the intensive five-step process that is often the difference between getting what you want and settling for what the other side will give you.

This one-day, hands-on negotiation skills workshop helps restore the advantage to the purchasing or procurement professional!!!!

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  • Provides a thorough grounding in the science practice of negotiation.

  • Will help you identify the correct negotiation method for each circumstance, especially in purchasing practices.

  • Build an efficient and effective purchasing function.

  • Communicate more effectively inside and outside of the organization.

  • Understand your personal strengths and weaknesses.

  • Understand contract needs and eliminate contractual risks.

  • Plan and deliver a successful negotiation and negotiate with different cultures.

  • Have confidence in your ability to negotiate at all levels with all organizations.

  • Identify the key failures which prevent the purchasing operation from being successful.

  • Develop a more confident individual, comfortable at representing the function at all levels in the Company.

  • Reduce total cost of purchased materials, equipment and services at reduced risk.

  • Change from being reactive to needs to being proactive in all aspects of performance.

  • Protect the Company’s interests through better understanding of negotiation and contracts.

  • Make performance improvement a key element in managing the business.


The participants will obtain knowledge effective negotiation strategies to plan and apply for their purchasing situations. They will also be able to manage their negotiation teams.


  • Procurement and Supply Chain Managers, Contract Managers, Supplier Relationship Managers, Buyers (Junior to Senior), Team Leaders, Commercial Specialist, Sourcing Manager

  • Those who are new to purchasing.

  • Those with some years’ experience in purchasing but who wish to regenerate their thinking or attitude.

  • Those at all levels in projects / site contract management / engineering with supply chain involvement.

  • Those in a Company who influence the selection of materials/ services / source of supply.

  • Any person regardless of background or present role / position who wishes to understand the purchase process.


MR. TEERAPORN CHALERMSIRI Business Development Analyst, Specialist In Procurement Analysis & Supply Chain Management PTT Public Company Limited

He has extensive working experience in the supply chain management at PTT PCL most of it focused on procurement analysis and supplier chain management. His work provides a useful link beween academic and business practices that can contribute to the academic institutions.

Teeraporn Chalermsiri has 8 years of working experiences in Thai industrial sector. As a specailist in supply chain management, He has attended many interesting courses and He has received a certificate from Training CIPS (UK). In 2009, project team has received the winner award from PTT PLC with the project title Strategic Sourcing as this project provides the solution of purchasing cost cutting for PTT PLC. Furthermore, He have prepared and conducted various training courses within PTT group and external organizations, such as the purchasing department, Thai Airways, and Purchasing and Supply Cain Management Association of Thailand. The examples of those courses are global sourcing, cost reduction, supplier relationship management, negotiation and bidding evaluation.

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